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  • Current periodicals first floor

    The following current periodicals are shelved in the current periodicals area, just north of the interlibrary loan office.


    TITLE ISSN Holdings
    Advertising age. 0001-8899 Current Year Only
    Advocate. 0001-8996 Current Year Only
    American fitness. 0893-5238 v.31(2013)-
    American history. 1076-8866 v.48(2013)-
    American Legion. 0886-1234 Current Year Only
    Artist's magazine. 0741-3351 v.29(2012)-
    Atlantic monthly. 1072-7825 Current 12 months
    Audubon. 0097-7136 v.115(2013)-
    Black enterprise. 0006-4165 Current 12 months
    Business week. 0007-7135 Current 12 months
    Canadian geographic. 0706-2168 v.133(2013)-
    Catholic worker. 0008-8463 Current Year Only
    Christian century. 0009-5281 Current Year Only
    Computerworld. 0010-4841 Current Year Only 
    Consumer reports. 0010-7174 Current Year Only - 2 yrs
    Council on Undergraduate Research quarterly. 1072-5830 Current Year Only
    Dance magazine. 0011-6009 Current 12 months
    Dance teacher. 1524-4474 v.35(2013)-
    Discover. 0274-7529 v.34(2013)-
    Down beat. 0012-5768 Current Year Only
    Economist. 0013-0613 Current Year Only
    Education week. 0277-4232 Current Year Only
    Esquire. 0194-9535 Current Year Only
    Essence. 0014-0880 Current Year Only
    Forbes. 0015-6914 Current Year Only
    Fortune. 0015-8259 Current Year Only
    Futurist. 0016-3317 Current Year Only
    Glamour. 0017-0747 Current Year Only
    Good housekeeping. 0017-209X Current Year Only
    GQ. 0016-6979 Current Year Only
    Guitar player. 0017-5463 Current Year Only
    Harper's. 0017-789X Current 12 months
    Harvard business review. 0017-8012 v.91(2013)-
    Health. 1059-938X Current Year Only
    History today. 0018-2753 v.63(2013)-
    Horticulture. 0018-5329 v.110(2013)-
    HRMagazine : on human resource management. 1047-3149 Current Year Only
    International gymnast. 0891-6616 Current Year Only
    Jet. 0021-5996 Current Year Only
    Journal of allied health. 0090-7421 Current 12 months
    Journal of leisure research. 0022-2216 Current 12 months
    Kiplinger's personal finance. 1528-9729 Current Year Only
    Library journal. 0363-0277 Current 12 months
    Maclean's. 0024-9262 Current Year Only
    Marketing news. 0025-3790 Current 12 months
    Money. 0149-4953 Current Year Only
    Mother earth news. 0027-1535 Current Year Only
    Ms. 0047-8318 Current Year Only
    Muscle & fitness. 0744-5105 Current Year Only
    Nation. 0027-8378 Current 12 months
    National geographic. 0027-9358 v.223(2013)-
    National parks : [the magazine of the National Parks & Conservation Association]. 0276-8186 Current Year Only
    National review. 0028-0038 v.65(2013)-
    National wildlife. 0028-0402 v.51(2013)-
    New republic. 0028-6583 v.244(2013)-
    New York review of books. 0028-7504 Current 12 months
    New York times book review. 0028-7806 Current 12 months
    New York times magazine. 0028-7822 Current Month Only
    New York times upfront. 1525-1292 Current 12 months
    New Yorker. 0028-792X Current 12 months
    On balance.   Current Year Only
    Out. 1062-7928 Current Year Only
    Parents. 1083-6373 Current Year Only
    Parks & recreation. 0031-2215 Current 12 months
    Poder hispanic. 2156-5139 Current Year Only
    Prevention. 0032-8006 Current Year Only
    Principal. 0271-6062 Current 12 months
    Professional photographer. 1528-5286 v.140(2013)-
    Progressive. 0033-0736 Current Year Only
    Psychology today. 0033-3107 Current 12 months
    Publishers weekly. 0000-0019 Current Year Only
    Reader's digest. 0034-0375 Current Year Only
    Reading improvement. 0034-0510 Current 12 months
    Referee. 0733-1436 Current Year Only
    Risk management. 0035-5593 Current 12 months
    Rolling stone. 0035-791X Current Year Only
    Saturday evening post. 0048-9239 Current Year Only
    Saudi Aramco world. 1530-5821 Current Year Only
    School library journal : SLJ. 0362-8930 Current Year Only
    Science scope / National Science Teachers Association. 0887-2376 Current 12 months
    Science teacher. 0036-8555 Current 12 months
    Scientific American. 0036-8733 Current Year Only
    Seventeen. 0037-301X Current Year Only
    Sierra. 0161-7362 Current 12 months
    Sky and telescope. 0037-6604 v.125(2012)-
    Smithsonian. 0037-7333 Current 12 months
    Sports illustrated. 0038-822X Current 12 months
    Sports 'n spokes. 0161-6706 v.39(2013)-
    Tennis. 0040-3423 Current Year Only
    Time. 0040-781X Current 12 months
    Utne. 1544-2225 Current 12 months
    Vogue. 0042-8000 Current Year Only
    Whitetails Unlimited magazine. 1085-7281 Current Year Only
    Wisconsin energy cooperative news.   Current Year Only
    Wisconsin people and ideas. 1558-9633 Current Year Only
    Workforce management. 1547-5565 Current 12 months
    Working mother. 0278-193X Current Year Only
    Wrestling USA. 0199-6258 v.47(2012)-
    Writer's chronicle. 1529-5443 Current Year Only
    YC Young Children. 1538-6619 Current 12 months
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  • New: Journal Citation Reports

    Murphy Library has subscribed to Journal Citation Reports (JCR), a tool that evaluates the influence and impact of scholarly journals in the sciences and social sciences.

    JCR ranks journals according to how often they are cited, how quickly articles are cited, and other criteria. Researchers often use JCR to identify the core journals in their discipline, to learn about those journals, and to try to determine the influence of those journals.

    Connect directly to Journal Citation Reports here, or find it in the library's list of  databases by title and on the library's Resources for Faculty and Staff  web page.



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