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  • Eagle Hall- Maroon

    Welcome to Eagle Hall-Maroon! A hall so nice they named it twice!

    Eagle Hall- Maroon Fast Facts:
    Mailing Address:
    Room #, Letter, Eagle Hall 
    1500 La Crosse Street
    La Crosse, WI 54601
    Eagle Hall Front Desk:
    (608) 789-2700
    Eagle Hall- Maroon Director:
    (608) 785-8089
    Eagle Hall- Maroon Duty Phone:
    (608) 498-7967

    As the newest addition to the residential living facility, Eagle Hall has been offering students new and unique living learning experiences since 2011. Proudly standing as a LEED Gold Certified building, Eagle Hall is different from our other on campus housing options as it is actually divided into two residence halls (Eagle Maroon and Eagle Gray), and designed for your upmost comfort.

    Each residence hall houses roughly 350 students and is designed as a semi-suite style building in which you share a room with two roommates. The adjoining bathroom is used by your room and the room next door, for a total of six people sharing a private and spacious bathroom, thus the suite style.

    Better yet, did we mention that Eagle is located right next to our Whitney Dining Center and the Recreational Eagle Center? Located in the perfect location on the Northwest side of campus off of La Crosse Street, anything you may need is only a short walk away with the best view on campus.

    Hall Photos

    Outside of the hall

    Eagle 2
    East Side
    Eagle Side
    North Side
    Eagle Maroon
    East Side
    West Side

    Inside the hall

    Eagle hall Lobby
    Front Lobby Area
    Eagle hall Lobby
    Lounge Study Area
    Eagle hall Lobby
    Front Lobby Area
    Eagle Study
    Study Room
    Eagle House
    Common House Space
    Eagle House 2
    Common House Space - TV Area
    Eagle House 3
    Common House Space
    Eagle Game Room
    Game Room
    Eagle Game Room 2
    Game Room
    Eagle Laundry 2
    Laundry Room
    Eagle Diagram
    Suite Layout
    Eagle Elevator
    Elevator and Information Board
    Eagle Classroom
    Eagle Classrooms
    Eagle Conference Room
    Eagle Conference Room
    Eagle Floor Plan
    Eagle Hall Floor Plan
    Eagle Kitchen 2
    Kitchen and Dining Area
    Eagle Room 7
    Resident's Room
    Eagle Room 2
    Room Furnishings
    Eagle Room 4
    Lofted Bed
    Eagle Room 8
    Resident's Room
    Eagle bathroom 2
    Resident's Shower
    Eagle bathroom 3
    Resident's Room
    Eagle bathoom 4
    Resident's Room
    Hall Type

    Eagle Hall is a suite style residence hall, featuring three person rooms sharing a common bathroom with an adjoining room. Eagle Hall houses a mixture of upperclass students, freshmen students, and international students on floors mix by gender by suite.

    Hall Amenities


    Each resident room is furnished with a bed, desk, bookshelf, dresser,  and closet for each resident. Rooms also come with bed-lofting parts, mini-refrigerator/freezer, trash and recycle bins, cable TV services, outlets, and cords, and internet ports. For room dimensions, Click here. Then navigate down to the "Hall Descriptions" to find the room dimensions.


    Each pair of rooms (201 A and 201 B for example) will share a restroom for the six residents in each individual room. The restroom lies between each room, and is accessible by doors that lead into each individual room. In each restroom is a toilet, shower, and two sinks for use by six residents. Our housekeeping staff will clean your restroom on a bi-weekly basis as noted on the posted schedule for each bathroom.


    Each residence hall comes equipped with a well-stocked laundry facility with multiple machines for washing and drying. The laundry room in this building is located on the first floor of the building.


    There is one shared lounge for each "house" in Eagle, and multiple study rooms located on each floor.


    In each community, there is a small kitchenette with a sink and a microwave, and on each full floor there is one full-kitchen with microwave, oven/stove, and full refrigerator.

    Computer Lab

    Each hall features a computer lab which is maintained by Residence Life Information Services. Check with your front desk to get a key!


    Wireless connectivity is available throughout all of the Residence Halls. In addition, students have access to wired connections in their rooms. To utilize the wired service, students may purchase an Ethernet/Internet cord through the front desk of each Residence Hall. Additional information regarding in-room connections is available from Residence Life Information Services (RLIS) at or by contacting 608-789-2300.


    Eagle Hall has two elevators (one per side of the building).

    Other Amenities

    Other amenities in the building include: first floor game room and piano, programmable thermostats, and ADA accommodations, just to name a few. Also in close proximity to Eagle Hall there is a volleyball court and two basketball courts. Whatever you're looking for, Eagle Hall will offer you only the very best.