Welcome to the Department of Health Professions at UW-L!

This site will give you the opportunity to learn about exciting healthcare education programs offered by our department. We offer six fully-accredited programs:

Medical Dosimetry
Nuclear Medicine Technology
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Physician Assistant
Radiation Therapy

These programs have achieved regional and national recognition for excellence in professional healthcare education, and the placement rate of our graduating students approaches 100%.

The Department of Health Professions is housed in the Health Science Center, a beautiful 5-story facility built in 2000 and equipped with state-of-the-art classroom and laboratory equipment.  We are one of the newest departments at UW-L, being formed in 2003 by the union of two departments, the Department of Physical Therapy and the Department of Clinical Sciences.

Elements that contribute to the success of our programs include:

  • Rigorous curricula based on current research, theory, and practice
  • Low student/faculty ratio that allows focused mentoring and teaching
  • Faculty dedicated to providing effective learning opportunities that facilitate growth in didactic knowledge, professional behaviors, and clinical management skills
  • Faculty committed to collaboration with students in clinical and research activities,
  • Local, regional, and national clinicians enlisted to share expertise by teaching and mentoring
  • Outstanding clinical experiences in healthcare facilities throughout the United States,
  • Exceptional students selected to participate in these programs. Please feel free to explore our web site and see which programs are right for you!

*Note that UW-L offers an additional allied health program -- Clinical Laboratory Science (in the Department of Microbiology). You may be interested in looking at this program as well as those offered in our department.