Welcome to the Geography and Earth Science Department

The discipline of Geography draws upon concepts found in both the natural and social sciences, and helps foster a better understanding of associations between humans and the physical environment in which they inhabit on local, regional, and global scales.

Since our department founding in 1909, our mission has focused on promoting geographical awareness and environmental literacy through classroom activities, research projects, and outreach programs. Our geography students have the option in choosing from over 40 courses, with a wide variety of topics ranging from cultural to physical to techniques. In addition to stimulating classroom discussions led by our distinguished faculty, students gain extensive hands-on experience using the latest GIS and remote sensing software, GPS, and many other geographic and earth science tools. We also boast extensive study abroad and internship opportunities for students to gain even further hands-on experience.

Opportunities abound for student projects, research, and exploration here, as within one mile of campus you'll find towering limestone bluffs, a 900 acre urban wetland, and the Mississippi River, all with miles of easily accessible hiking trails. Geography also means field trips. Our faculty and staff frequently offer opportunities to explore our own unique North American geography or lead overseas explorations which allow our students to gain valuable first-hand experience and knowledge of other cultures and environments.

Is worldwide exploration and study of interest to you? Do you want to obtain the necessary skills to provide you for an exciting and rewarding career? Do you want to make a difference? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the UWL Geography and Earth Science department is the place for you. Come join us and explore your world.

Congratulations GIS Poster Competition Winners!

The Geography and Earth Science Department hosted its first GIS Poster Competition on Friday, December 6th in the Cartwright Center.  Over 20 students from Dr. Gargi Chaudhuri's GIS courses participated in the competition.  Winners from the entry level competition (enrolled in Geography 385: Introduction to GIS) were Taylor Boardman and Ryan Sands. Winners from the advanced level competition (enrolled in Geography 485: Advanced GIS) were Rachel Wozniak and Spencer Kawell.  Honorable mention awards went to Kerrie Hauser (advanced level) and Michael Keller (entry level).  Each of the four winners will receive a $100 check!  Congratulations to everyone who participated!  For more photos, please visit the Google+ page.