The UW-L campus gathered in Valhalla Hall on Thursday, September 29th

to celebrate the many contributions of our classified staff.
Classified staff members who reached five-year milestones

were recognized by Chancellor Douglas Hastad.


5 Year recipients

Front Row: Steve Malay, Karen Langaard, Joy Gutknecht, George Cummings, Robert Clark

Back Row: Kenneth Weigel, Janice Ward, Daniel Walsh, Kathy Stluka, Scott Sonnenberg, Krista Shulka, Randall Amundson

Not in attendance: Dennis Mader, Scott McCullough, Leroy Sandvigen, Chad Simpson, Ronald Thomson, Marjorie Troka




10 Year recipients

Steven Peters and Barry Miller



15 Year recipients

15 year recipients

Front Row: Nancy Jones, Pam Glasshoff, Alice Clark, Don Breitzman, Margaret Agger

Back Row: Gail Vaughn, Joyce Pillsbury, Terry Micks, Susan Larkin

Not in attendance: Thomas Nyre



20 Year recipients

Front Row:  Judy Molzahn, Lavonia McCarty, Janet Abnet

Back Row:  Don Venner, Pat Ring, Al Patton

Not in attendance: Larry Menden, Paul Prochnow, William Spencer



25 Year recipients

Jeannette Olson, Dick Stephen, Craig Hatke with Chancellor Hastad

Not in attendance: Sharon Aleckson, Cheryl Roland



30 Year recipients

30 year recipients

Carol Stoelting, Kathy Schultz, Sharon Nordness & Bob Kramer with Chancellor Hastad



35 Year recipientS

Rosalyn Baumgarten, Donna Brown and Linda Hudson with Chancellor Hastad




Some other photos from the breakfast.


 HR staff getting things set up.


Good help is so hard to find these days.



Thanks to ALL classified staff members!