Instructional Academic Staff (IAS)
Career Progression Packet

Contents of IAS Career Progression Packet:

  1. Letter of support from Applicants Department.  Departments are encouraged to review their departmental bylaws and to develop their own procedures to address this process.  During the first year of implementation and in departments whose bylaws do not include a process for IAS promotion, it shall be the responsibility of the department chair to provide the required letter of support.
  2. Letter from the Applicants Dean.  In keeping with the faculty promotion process, a letter of support from the Dean would consist of a simple statement of support.  However, in the event of non-support,  a letter would be required to explain the reasons for non-support.
  3. Curriculum Vitae.  Included only if the candidate would like information prior to that entered into Digital Measures to be considered by the CPC.
  4. Evidence of Review of Performance.  This can be in the form of a peer review, department chair evaluation, department merit review report or Individual Development Plan (IDP).
  5. SEIs from the Last Six Semesters of Teaching.  This information would be provided or verified by the Department Chair.
  6. Portfolio.  The details of the contents and format of the portfolio shall be determined by the Fall 2007 IASCPC no later than September 30, 2007.  Prior to this date, however, any IAS who may be contemplating career progression may be best advised to consult the faculty promotion model when beginning to assemble their materials.

Additional information at:  Instructional Academic Staff (IAS)