Academic Staff Equity Adjustment Guidelines

Category A Titles & Category B Research Titles

Academic Staff (ACST) Category A and Category B Research position titles and compensation issues are governed by the UW System ACST Title and Salary Structure which specifies salary minimum and maximum for each title.  Chancellors have the authority to award base budget adjustments within these salary ranges.  At UW-La Crosse these awards are called "equity adjustments."  This document addresses the reasons for the use of equity adjustments and provides guidelines to ensure an open and equitable process in which all academic staff members are aware of, and have access to, this local component of the ACST salary process.

The equity adjustment provides a means to address unusual salary disparities that cannot be remedied with the annual pay plan or the ACST Career Progression Policies.  An equity adjustment may be recommended for the following reasons:  (1) To provide a counter offer for a verified outside job offer; (2) To address issues of gender or race equity; (3) To recognize significant expansion of responsibilities within a title; (4) To recognize exceptional performance; (5) To recognize significant educational or professional accomplishments that enhance job performance; and (6) To address other related salary inequities.  These guidelines do not address salary adjustments for interim appointments.

In these situations the Dean or Division Officer may recommend a base budget reallocation from their respective College or Division for an individual salary increase.  In addition, the Dean or Division Officer may seek budget support from the Chancellor.

The following guidelines will be in effect at UW-La Crosse:

1. General information about equity adjustments will be included in an annual letter on Career Progression Procedures which is sent to all ACST.  To initiate the process, Academic Staff members may obtain an application form, along with consultation on the equity adjustment program and the title structure parameters, from Human Resources staff.

2. To facilitate and encourage the College or Division planning process, equity adjustment requests should be part of the normal salary or budget submission process and will follow the time line in the annual Personnel Schedule Deadlines document distributed by the Provost/Vice Chancellor.  In unusual circumstances, requests may be considered at other times.

3. Within Colleges and Divisions, requests for equity adjustments for individuals in ACST positions will flow through the existing administrative structure.  To initiate the process, the request and supporting documentation shall be forwarded by the Academic Staff member to their immediate supervisor.  The supervisor will review the request and supporting documentation and make a recommendation to the Dean or Division Officer.

4. Resources to fund adjustments normally will be College or Division specific but not necessarily department or unit specific.  Additional budget support may be sought from the Chancellor by the Dean or Division Officer.

5. The Human Resources staff will serve as consultants to the Deans and Division Officers in the following areas:  (a) To ensure compliance with the ACST Salary and Title Structure and the UW-La Crosse Career Progression Policy and Procedures; (b) To provide market or peer comparative data; (c) To provide data for comparison across Colleges and Divisions; and (d) To provide other information and advice as requested.

6. The Affirmative Action Officer will serve as consultant to the Deans and Division Officers on issues of gender or race equity and will, upon request, provide a written review.

7. The Dean or Division Officer will make a recommendation on the request based on available information.  Positive recommendations, with supporting documentation, will be forwarded through the respective reporting lines to the Provost/Vice Chancellor or Chancellor.  In situations where the recommendation cannot be supported by a Dean or Division Officer this information will be communicated to the Academic Staff member through their supervisor.  The final recommendation will be placed in the permanent employee personnel file.  Human Resources will prepare and distribute, as appropriate, an annual summary of the equity requests and actions taken. 

8. The Chancellor will make the final decision on all equity adjustment recommendations.

9. Staff members wishing to appeal the decision of the Chancellor or the recommendation of the Dean or Division Officer will follow the existing grievance procedures under UWS/UWL 13.02 for non-instructional ACST and UWS/UWL 6.02 for instructional ACST (with research titles covered under this guideline). 


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University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Revised 8/94