Classified (Civil Service) Employment
with the State of Wisconsin

Classified positions offer public service employment with the State of Wisconsin.   Examples at UW-La Crosse include: professional administrative, clerical, blue collar, trades, information processing, technical positions and administrative support. Most require a civil service examination to determine eligibility.  Explore the WiscJobs website to learn what a classified career with the State of Wisconsin offers!

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Available Classified Staff Positions at UW-La Crosse
Recruitment(s) Open to the Public
         Custodian Lead Exam Opportunity   

Internal Recruitment Opportunities
 (open to current and former classified permanent Wisconsin State employees)
Temporary Employment at UW-La Crosse
Positions vary but are primarily clerical/office support or custodial in nature.

Temporary custodial positions at UW-La Crosse are filled through Remedy Intelligent Staffing at 1288 Rudy Street, Suite 110, Onalaska, WI - 608-783-1652.

Temporary office support positions at UW-La Crosse are filled through Olsten at 1202 State Street, Suite B, La Crosse, WI - 608-782-1100.


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