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Accounting: Current Titles

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  v.1(1965)-v.47(2011) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.33(1997)- Wiley

Accounting forum
  v.28(2004)- Elsevier College Edition

Accounting historians journal
  v.1(1974)-v.36(2009) JSTOR
  v.37(2010)- Periodicals Bound
  v.38(2011)- Periodicals Current

Accounting history
  v.4(1999)- Sage Premier

Accounting horizons
  v.13(1999)- American Accounting Association
  v.4(1990)-v.19(2005) Periodicals Bound

Accounting review
  v.1(1976)-v.82(2007) JSTOR

Accounting technology
  v.9(1993)-v.23(2007) Periodicals Bound

Accounting, auditing & accountability journal
  v.14(2001)-v.21(2008),v.23(2010) Emerald Library (MCB University Press)

Accounting, management, and information technologies
  v.1(1991)-v.10(2000) Elsevier College Edition

Accounting, organizations and society
  v.1(1976)- Elsevier College Edition

British accounting review
  v.20(1988)- Elsevier College Edition

CPA journal
  v.45(1975)-v.81(2011) Periodicals Bound

Critical perspectives on accounting
  v.1(1990)- Elsevier College Edition
  v.16(2005)-v.18(2007) Periodicals Bound

Information and organization
  v.1(2001)- Elsevier College Edition

International journal of accounting
  v.31(1996)- Elsevier College Edition

International journal of accounting information systems
  v.1(2000)- Elsevier College Edition

Issues in accounting education
  v.14(1999)- American Accounting Association
  v.1(1986)-v.20(2005) Periodicals Bound

Journal of accountancy
  1 v.145:no.1(1978)-v.212:no.6(2011) Periodicals Microfiche
  1 v.1(1905)-v.91(1951), 2 v.103(1957)-v.144(1977) 3 v.214(2012) Periodicals Microfilm

Journal of accounting and economics
  v.1(1979)- Elsevier College Edition

Journal of accounting and public policy
  v.1(1982)- Elsevier College Edition

Journal of accounting education
  v.1(1983)- Elsevier College Edition

Journal of accounting research
  v.1(1963)-v.45(2007) JSTOR
  v.39(2001)- Wiley

Journal of accounting, auditing & finance
  v.3(1988)-v.26(2011) Periodicals Bound
  v.15(2000)- Sage Premier

Journal of international accounting, auditing & taxation
  v.1(1992)- Elsevier College Edition

Journal of taxation of investments
  v.18(2000/2001)-v.28(2010/2011) Periodicals Bound
  v.10(1992/1993)-v.17(1999/2000) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.20:no.1(2002:autumn)- Publisher's Web Site

Management accounting quarterly
  v.1(1999/2000)-v.2(2000/2001) Periodicals Bound
  v.1:no.1(1999:Aut.)- Publisher's Web Site

Management accounting research
  v.1(1990)- Elsevier College Edition

National tax journal
  v.1(1948)-v.22(1969), v.24(1971)-v.33(1980) Periodicals Bound
  v.41(1988)-v.61(2008) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.41(1988)-v.61(2008) Publisher's Web Site

On balance
  Current Year Only Periodicals Current

Practical accountant
  v.1(1978)-v.13(1980), v.15(1982)-v.21(1988), v.23(1990)-v.41(2008) Periodicals Bound
  v.14(1981), v.22(1989) Periodicals Microfilm

Review of accounting & finance
  v.9(2010) Emerald Library - MCB University Press

Strategic finance
  v.80(1999)-v. 94(2013) Periodicals Microfilm

Tax lawyer : bulletin of the Section of Taxation, American Bar Association
  v.21(1967/1968)-v.24(1970/1971), v.26(1972/1973)-v.64(2010/2011) Periodicals Bound

Tax policy and the economy
  v.1(1987)-v.23(2009) JSTOR

  v.31(1953)-v.89(2011) Periodicals Microfilm

Wisconsin taxpayer
  v.42(1974)-v.78(2010) Periodicals Bound