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Art: Current Titles

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  no.1(1915)-no.12(1916) JSTOR

Acquisitions / Fogg Art Museum
  (1959)-(1969) JSTOR

African arts
  v.1(1967)-v.40(2007) JSTOR

  v.4(1871)-v.9(1879) JSTOR

American academy notes
  (1881) JSTOR

American art / National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution
  v.5(1991)-v.21(2007) JSTOR

American art illustrated : a monthly magazine
  v.1(1886) JSTOR

American art journal : a weekly record of music, art and literature
  v.5(1866)-v.7(1867) JSTOR

American art journal
  v.1(1969)-v.34(2004) JSTOR

American art news
  v.3(1904)-v.21(1923) JSTOR

American art review
  v.1(1879)-v.2(1881) JSTOR

American artist
  v.20(1956)-v.28(1964), v.30(1966)-v.76(2012) Periodicals Bound

American ceramics
  v.7(1988)-v.15(2006/2007) Periodicals Bound

American craft
  v.62(2002/2003)-v.72(2012/2013) Periodicals Bound
  v.73(2013)- Periodicals Current
  v.39(1979)-v.61(2001/2002) Periodicals Microfilm

American Indian art magazine
  v.17(1991)-v.37(2011/2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.38(2013)- Periodicals Current

American magazine of art
  v.7:no.3(1916:Jan.)-v.7:no.12(1916:Oct.) JSTOR

Amtliche Berichte aus den königlichen Kunstsammlungen
  Jahrg.1(1880)-Jahrg.40(1918) JSTOR

Amtliche Berichte aus den preuszischen Kunstsammlungen
  Jahrg.40(1918/1919) JSTOR

Animation : an interdisciplinary journal
  v.1(2006)- Sage Premier

Annual report / Fogg Art Museum
  1896-1980 JSTOR

Annual report / Harvard University Art Museums
  1997-2006 JSTOR

Annual report of the Trustees / Metropolitan Museum of Art
  no.1(1871)-no.140(2009) JSTOR

APT bulletin
  v.18(1986)-v.42(2011) JSTOR

  v.95:no.12(2006)-v.101(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.102(2013)- Periodicals Current

Architectural history
  v.1(1958)-v.52(2009) JSTOR

Architectural record
  v.29(1911), v.33(1913), v.45(1919), v.47(1920)-v.48(1920), v.50(1921)-v.51(1922), v.54(1923)-v.57(1925), v.190(2002)-v.200(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.201(2013)- Periodicals Current
  v.141(1967)-v.189(2001) Periodicals Microfilm

Archives of American art journal
  v.4(1964)-v.46(2007) JSTOR

Archives of Asian art
  v.20(1966)-v.59(2009) JSTOR
  v.58(2008)- Project Muse

Archives of the Chinese Art Society of America
  v.1(1945)-v.19(1965) JSTOR

Arizona journal of hispanic cultural studies
  v.1(1997)-v.13(2009) JSTOR

Ars islamica
  v.1(1934)-v.16(1951) JSTOR

Ars orientalis : the arts of Islam and the East
  v.1(1954)-v.37(2009) JSTOR

Art & life
  v.10(1919)-v.11(1920) JSTOR

Art and progress
  v.1:no.1(1909:Nov.)-v.7:no.2(1915:Dec.) JSTOR

Art bulletin
  v.2(1919)-v.92(2010) JSTOR

Art critic
  v.1(1893-1894) JSTOR

Art education
  v.1(1948)-v.60(2007) JSTOR
  v.61(2008)- Periodicals Current

Art in America
  v.27(1939)-v.34(1946), v.90(2002)-v.101(2013) Periodicals Bound
  v.101(2013)- Periodicals Current
  v.35(1947)-v.89(2001) Periodicals Microfilm

Art Institute of Chicago quarterly
  v.45(1951)-v.59(1965) JSTOR

Art journal
  v.1(1875)-v.6(1880) JSTOR
  v.20(1960)-v.68(2009) JSTOR
  v.69(2010)- Periodicals Current

Art news
  v.1(1897) JSTOR

Art review
  v.1(1870-1871) JSTOR

Art union
  v.1(1884)-v.2(1885) JSTOR

Art world
  v.1(1916)-v.3(1918) JSTOR

Artforum international
  v.21(1982)-v.51(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.52(2013)- Periodicals Current

Artibus Asiae
  v.1(1925)-v.66(2006) JSTOR

Artibus Asiae Supplementum
  v.1(1937)-v.44(2002) JSTOR

Artibus et historiae
  v.1(1980)-v.29(2007) JSTOR

Artist : an illustrated monthly record of arts, crafts and industries
  v.25(1899)-v.31(1901) JSTOR

Artist's magazine
  v.15(1998)-v.29(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.29(2012)- Periodicals Current
  v.9(1992)-v.14(1997) Periodicals Microfilm

  v.21(1923)-v.22(1924) JSTOR
  v.53(1954)-v.65(1967), v.101(2002)-v.111(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.112(2013)- Periodicals Current
  v.66(1967)-v.100(2001) Periodicals Microfilm

Arts and activities
  v.131(2002)-v.152(2012/2013) Periodicals Bound
  v.152(2013)- Periodicals Current
  v.59(1966)-v.130(2001/2002) Periodicals Microfilm

Arts and humanities in higher education
  v.1(2002)- Sage Premier

Arts in psychotherapy
  v.7(1980)- Elsevier College Edition

  no.1(1986)-no.41(2000) JSTOR

Athenian Agora
  v.1(1953)-v.31(1998);v.33(2006);v.32(2008);v.34(2009) JSTOR

Berliner Museen : Berichte aus den preuszischen Kunstsammlungen
  Jahrg.41(1919)-Jahrg.23(1973) JSTOR

BioScope : South Asian screen studies
  v.1(2010)- Sage Premier

Black camera
  v.1:no.1(1985)-v.24:no.1(2009) JSTOR

  no.1(1981)-no.114(2010) JSTOR

Boston Museum bulletin
  v.64(1966)-v.75(1977) JSTOR

Bradley, his book
  v.1(1896)-v.2(1897) JSTOR

British Museum quarterly
  v.1(1926)-v.37(1973) JSTOR

Brush and pencil
  v.1(1897)-v.18(1906) JSTOR

Building and environment
  v.11(1976)- Elsevier College Edition

Buildings & landscapes : journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum
  v.14(2007)-v.16(2009) JSTOR

Bulletin / American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  v.1(1948)-v.61(2007) JSTOR

Bulletin / Archives of American Art
  v.1(1960)-v.2(1962) JSTOR

Bulletin / Philadelphia Museum
  v.52(1956)-v.93(2005) JSTOR

Bulletin of the American Art Union
  v.2(1849)-v.11(1853) JSTOR

Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago
  v.1(1907)-v.45(1951) JSTOR
  v.67(1973)-v.76(1982) JSTOR

Bulletin of the Association for Preservation Technology
  v.1(1969)-v.18(1986) JSTOR

Bulletin of the Cleveland Museum of Art
  v.1(1914)-v.81(1994) JSTOR

Bulletin of the College Art Association
  v.1(1913) JSTOR

Bulletin of the College Art Association of America
  v.1(1917/1918) JSTOR

Bulletin of the Fogg Art Museum
  v.1(1931)-v.11(1950) JSTOR

Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  v.1(1905)-v.67(2009) JSTOR

Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts
  v.24(1926)-v.63(1965) JSTOR

Bulletin of the Museum of Modern Art
  v.1(1933)-v.30(1963) JSTOR

Bulletin of the New England Art Union
  (1852) JSTOR

Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Museum
  v.1(1903)-v.33(1938) JSTOR

Bulletin van het Rijksmuseum
  v.1(1953)-v.56(2008) JSTOR

Burlington magazine for connoisseurs
  v.1(1903)-v.89(1947) JSTOR

Burlington magazine
  v.90(1948)-v.149(2007) JSTOR

Calendar of the Art Institute of Chicago
  v.50(1965)-v.66(1972) JSTOR

California studies in classical antiquity
  v.1(1968)-v.12(1979) JSTOR

Ceramics international
  v.7(1981)- Elsevier College Edition

Ceramics monthly
  v.50(2002)-v.60(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.61(2013)- Periodicals Current
  v.15(1967)-v.49(2001) Periodicals Microfilm

Ceramics, art and perception
  no.7(1992)-no.89(2012) Periodicals Bound
  no.79(2010)- Publisher's Web Site

Classical antiquity
  v.1(1982)-v.28(2009) JSTOR

Cleveland studies in the history of art
  v.1(1996)-v.9(2005) JSTOR

  v.3(1891-1892) JSTOR

Collector and art critic
  v.1(1899)-v.5(1907) JSTOR

College art journal
  v.1(1941)-v.19(1960) JSTOR

  v.1(1886)-v.3(1888) JSTOR

Cosmopolitan art journal
  v.1(1856)-v.5(1861) JSTOR

  v.1(1855)-v.8(1861) JSTOR

Decorator and furnisher
  v.1(1882)-v.30(1897) JSTOR

Design issues
  v.1(1984)-v.23(2007) JSTOR

Design quarterly
  no.29(1954)-no.169(1996) JSTOR

Design studies
  v.1(1995)- Elsevier College Edition

Director's report / Harvard University Art Museums
  1987-1991 JSTOR

Everyday art quarterly : a guide to well designed products
  no.1(1946)-no.28(1953) JSTOR

Film & history
  v.34(2004)- Project Muse

Film comment
  v.12(1976)-v.14(1978) Periodicals Bound
  v.15:no.1(1979)-v.46:no.2(2010) Periodicals Microfiche

Film quarterly
  v.12:no.1(1958)-v.63:no.2(2009) JSTOR
  v.54:no.3(2001)- JSTOR Current Scholarship Program

Fine arts journal
  v.14(1903)-v.37(1919) JSTOR

Germanic Museum bulletin
  v.1(1935-1940) JSTOR

  v.1(1963)-v.46(2007) JSTOR

Getty research journal
  no.1(2009)-no.3(2011) JSTOR

Grey room
  no.1(2000)-no.29(2007) JSTOR

Handbook of the economics of art and culture
  v.1(2006) Elsevier College Edition

Harvard Art Museum annual report
  (2007) JSTOR

Harvard University Art Museums bulletin
  v.1(1992)-v.7(2000) JSTOR

I Tatti studies : essays in the Renaissance
  v.1(1985)-v.12(2009) JSTOR

ID : magazine of international design
  v.39:no.1(1992)-v.57:no.1(2010) Periodicals Bound
  v.33(1986)-v.38(1991) Periodicals Microfiche

Illustrated art notes upon the annual exhibition of the National Academy of Design
  no.2(1882)-no.3(1883) JSTOR

Illustrated magazine of art
  v.1(1853)-v.4(1854) JSTOR

Illustrated wood worker : for joiners, cabinet makers, stair builders, carpenters, car builders, &c, &c
  v.1(1879) JSTOR

International journal of applied glass science
  v.1(2010)- Wiley

International journal of the classical tradition : IJCT : the official journal of the International Society for the Classical Tradition
  v.1(1994)-v.16(2009) JSTOR

J Paul Getty Museum journal
  v.1(1974)-v.24(1996) JSTOR

  v.28(1975)-v.37(1983) JSTOR

Jahrbuch der Berliner Museen
  Bde.1(1959)-Bde.49(2007) JSTOR

Jahrbuch der Königlich Preussischen Kunstsammlungen
  Bde.1(1880)-Bde.39(1919) JSTOR

Jahrbuch der Preuszischen Kunstsammlungen
  Bde.40(1919)-Bde.60(1939) JSTOR

Journal for early modern cultural studies
  v.1(2001)-v.9(2009) JSTOR
  v.5(2005)- Project Muse

Journal of aesthetics and art criticism
  v.1(1941)-v.67(2009) JSTOR
  v. 59(2001)- Wiley

Journal of archaeological science
  v.1(1974)- Elsevier College Edition
  v.24(1997)-v.34(2007) Periodicals Bound

Journal of architectural education
  v.37:no.3/4(1984)-v.61:no.2(2007) JSTOR
  v.1(1947)-v.28(1974) JSTOR

Journal of decorative and propaganda arts
  v.1(1986)-v.25(2005) JSTOR

Journal of the American Institute for Conservation
  v.16(1977)-v.48(2009) JSTOR

Journal of the American Society of Architectural Historians
  v.1(1941)-v.4(1944) JSTOR

Journal of the European Ceramic Society
  v.5(1989)- Elsevier College Edition

Journal of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  v.1(1989)-v.6(1994) JSTOR

Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians
  v.5(1945)-v.68(2009) JSTOR

Journal of the Walters Art Gallery
  v.1(1938)-v.57(1999) JSTOR

Journal of the Walters Art Museum
  v.58(2000)-v.64/65(2006) JSTOR

Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes
  v.3(1939)-v.72(2009) JSTOR

Journal of the Warburg Institute
  v.1(1937)-v.2(1939) JSTOR

Knight errant
  v.1(1892/1893) JSTOR

Landscape and urban planning
  v.13(1986)- Elsevier College Edition

Leonardo music journal : LMJ : journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology
  v.1(1991)-v.17(2007) JSTOR
  v.10(2000)- Project Muse

  v.1(1968)-v.40(2007) JSTOR
  v.34(2001)- Project Muse

Leonardo Supplemental issue
  v.1(1988)-v.3(1990) JSTOR

Lotus magazine
  v.1(1910)-v.10(1919) JSTOR

M bulletin / Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  v.79(1981)-v.81(1983) JSTOR

Magazine antiques
  v.161(2002)-v.178(2011) Periodicals Bound
  v.179(2012)- Periodicals Current
  v.99(1971)-v.160(2001) Periodicals Microfilm

Marburger Jahrbuch für Kunstwissenschaft
  v.1(1924)-v.36(2009) JSTOR

Master drawings
  v.1(1963)-v.45(2007) JSTOR

Members' newsletter
  no.1(1968)-no.10(1970) JSTOR

Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome
  v.1(1915)-v.50(2005) JSTOR

Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome Supplementary volume
  v.1(2002)-v.2(2003) JSTOR

Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  v.1(1783)-v.24(1957) JSTOR

  v.21(2001)-v.32(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.33(2013)- Periodicals Current

Metropolitan Museum studies
  v.1(1928)-v.5(1936) JSTOR

MFA bulletin
  v.76(1978)-v.78(1980) JSTOR

Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Instituts in Florenz
  Bde.1(1908)-Bde.54(2010) JSTOR

Modern art
  v.1(1893)-v.5(1897) JSTOR

Modern painters
  (2013:Jan.)- Periodicals Current
  (2004:Dec.)-(2005:Oct.), (2005:Dec.)-(2012:Dec.) Periodicals Oversize

  (1974)-(2002) JSTOR

Monthly illustrator
  v.3(1895)-v.5(1895) JSTOR

Muqarnas = Muqarnas
  v.1(1983)-v.24(2007) JSTOR

Museum of Fine Arts bulletin
  v.1(1903)-v.23(1925) JSTOR

Museum studies
  v.1(1966)-v.32(2006) JSTOR

National Academy notes including the complete catalogue of the spring exhibition, National Academy of Design
  no.4(1884)-no.9(1889) JSTOR

New path
  v.1(1863)-v.2(1865) JSTOR

Notable acquisitions
  no.1965(1975)-no.1984(1985) JSTOR

  v.1(1921)-v.2(1931) JSTOR

  v.1(1976)-v.122(2007) JSTOR

Oxford art journal
  v.1(1978)-v.22(1999) JSTOR

Papers of the British School at Rome
  v.1(1902)-v.76(2008) JSTOR

Parnassus / College Art Association of America
  v.1(1929)-v.13(1941) JSTOR

  v.1(1952)-v.39(2007) JSTOR

Perspectives in vernacular architecture
  v.1(1982)-v.13(2006) JSTOR

Philadelphia Museum bulletin
  v.33(1938)-v.51(1956) JSTOR

Photo techniques
  v.17(1996)-v.33(2012) Periodicals Bound

Pottery making illustrated
  v.6(2003)-v.15(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.16(2013)- Periodicals Current

Professional photographer
  v.127(2000)-v.139(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.140(2013)- Periodicals Current
  v.126(1999) Periodicals Microfilm

Quarterly bulletin / Archives of American Art
  v.2(1962)-v.3(1963) JSTOR

Recent acquisitions : a selection
  no.1985/1986-no.1987/1988 JSTOR

Record of the Art Museum, Princeton University
  v.7(1948)-v.66(2007) JSTOR

Record of the Museum of Historic Art, Princeton University
  v.1(1942)-v.6(1947) JSTOR

Records of the Academy
  (1958)-(2003) JSTOR

  no.1(1981)-no.55(2009) JSTOR

Review of research in visual and environmental education
  v.1:no.1(1973)-v.2:no.1(1974) JSTOR

Review of research in visual arts education
  v.2:no.2(1975)-v.8:no.1(1982) JSTOR

Rijksmuseum bulletin
  v.57(2009)-v.58(2010) JSTOR

School arts
  v.35(1935)-v.66(1967), v.102(2002/2003)-v.112(2012/2013) Periodicals Bound
  v.113(2013)- Periodicals Current
  v.67(1967)-v.101(2001/2002) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.106:no.2(2006:Oct.)- Publisher's Web Site

  v.11(1992)-v.32(2013) Periodicals Bound

  v.1(1966)-v.33(2007) JSTOR

Smithsonian studies in American art
  v.1(1987)-v.4(1990) JSTOR

  v.1(1916/1917) JSTOR

Studies in art education
  v.1:no.1(1959)-v.49:no.1(2007) JSTOR

Studio potter
  v.3(1974/1975)-v.40(2011/2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.41(2012/2013)- Periodicals Current

Supplementary papers of the American School of Classical Studies in Rome
  v.1(1905)-v.2(1908) JSTOR

  T.1(1920)-T.82(2005) JSTOR

Transactions of the American Art-Union, for the year
  (1844)-(1849) JSTOR

Transactions of the Apollo Association for the Promotion of the Fine Arts in the United States at the annual meeting
  (1839)-(1842) JSTOR

Visual arts research
  v.8(1982)-v.35(2009) JSTOR

Visual communication
  v.1(2002)- Sage Premier

Watson's art journal : a weekly record of music, art and literature
  v.7:no.10(1867)-v.8:no.22(1868) JSTOR

Winterthur portfolio
  v.1(1964)-v.41(2007) JSTOR

Workshop : a monthly journal devoted to progress of the useful arts
  v.1(1868)-v.14(1881) JSTOR

Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte
  v.1(1932)-v.66(2003) JSTOR