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Ethnic and Racial Studies: Current Titles

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African archaeological review
  v.1(1983)-v.26(2009) JSTOR

African historical studies
  v.1(1968)-v.4(1971) JSTOR

African languages and cultures Supplement
  v.1(1992)-v.3(1996) JSTOR

African studies bulletin
  v.1(1958)-v.12(1969) JSTOR

African studies review
  v.13(1970)-v.52(2009) JSTOR
  v.48(2005)- Project Muse

Afrika Spectrum
  v.1(1966)-v.44(2009) JSTOR

American Indian law review
  v.1(1973)-v.36(2011) JSTOR

  v.1(1955)-v.51(2009) JSTOR

  v.104(2000)- Elsevier College Edition

ASA review of books
  v.1(1975)-v.6(1980) JSTOR

Bilingual research journal
  v.16(1992)-v.29(2005) Periodicals Bound

Black enterprise
  Current 12 months Periodicals Current
  v.10:no.1(1979)-v.42:no.6(2012) Periodicals Microfilm

Black scholar
  v.1(1969)-v.32(2002) Periodicals Microfiche

Black warrior review / the University of Alabama
  v.24(1997/1998)-v.34(2007/2008) Periodicals Bound

Cahiers d'études africaines
  v.1(1960)-v.47(2007) JSTOR

California law review
  v.1(1912)-v.97(2009) JSTOR

  no.1(1976)-no.41(1989);v.13(1990)-v.30(2007) JSTOR
  v.18(1995)- Project Muse

Canadian journal of African studies = Journal canadien des études africaines
  v.1(1967)-v.42(2008) JSTOR

Color line; a monthly round-up of facts of Negro American progress and of the growth of American democracy
  v.1(1946)-v.2(1947) Periodicals Microfiche

  v.1(1945)-v.67(2011/2012) Periodicals Microfilm

  v.1(2001)- Sage Premier

Hispanic American Historical Review
  v.80(2000)- Duke University Press
  v.1(1918)-v.79(1999) JSTOR
  v.79:no.3(1999), v.80(2000)-v.84(2004) Project Muse

Hispanic review
  v.1(1933)-v.77(2009) JSTOR
  v.73(2005)- Project Muse

Hmong American journal
  v.1:no.1(2002:Apr.)-v.2:no.1(2002:Aug.) Periodicals Bound

  v.1:no.3(1999), v.2(2000/2001) Project Muse

Indian journal of gender studies
  v.6(1999)- Sage Premier

Journal of Asian and African studies
  v.34(1999)- Sage Premier

Journal of black psychology
  v.25(1999)- Sage Premier

Journal of black studies
  v.1(1970)-v.40(2009) JSTOR
  v.29:no.3(1999:Jan.)- Sage Premier

Journal of Hispanic higher education
  v.1(2002)- Sage Premier

Journal of international relations
  v.10(1919)-v.12(1922) JSTOR

Journal of Negro education
  v.1(1932)-v.78(2009) JSTOR
  v.79(2010)- Periodicals Current

Journal of Negro history
  v.1(1916)-v.86(2001) JSTOR

Journal of South Asian development
  v.1(2006)- Sage Premier

Journal of transcultural nursing
  v.10(1999)- Sage Premier

Latin American perspectives
  v.1(1974)-v.36(2009) JSTOR
  v.26(1999)- Sage Premier

Legal medicine / Japanese Society of Legal Medicine
  v.1(1999)- Elsevier College Edition

Mexican studies = Estudios mexicanos
  v.1(1985)-v.25(2009) JSTOR
  v.17(2001)- JSTOR Current Scholarship Program

Monumenta Nipponica
  v.1(1938)-v.62(2007) JSTOR
  v.60(2005)- Project Muse

Negro American literature forum
  v.1(1967)-v.10(1976) JSTOR

Negro educational review
  v.22(1971)-v.40(1989), v.43(1992)-v.63(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.64(2013)- Periodicals Current

Negro history bulletin
  v.51(1993)-v.64(2001) Periodicals Bound
  v.17(1953)-v.49(1986) Periodicals Microfilm

Negro quarterly
  v.1(1942)-v.1(1943) Periodicals Microfiche

Poder hispanic
  Current Year Only Periodicals Current

Race and justice
  v.1(2011)- Sage Premier

Race and society
  v.1:no.1(1998)-v.7:no.2(2004) Elsevier College Edition

Review of Black political economy
  v.5(1974)-v.10(1980) Periodicals Bound

Revista de música latinoamericana Latin American music review
  v.1(1980)-v.30(2009) JSTOR
  v. 22(2001)- Project Muse

  no.1(1961)-no.106(2011) JSTOR
  v.9:no.1(2000)-v.10:no.4(2001), v.12:no.3(2002)- Project Muse

Western journal of black studies
  v.26(2002)-v.27(2003) Periodicals Bound

Wicazo sa review
  v.1(1985)-v.24(2009) JSTOR
  v.15:no.2(2000)- Project Muse