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Exercise/Sport Science: Current Titles

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AMA archives of internal medicine
  v.86:no.4(1950:Oct.)-v.105:no.6(1960:June) American Medical Association

ACHPER healthy lifestyles journal
  v.41(1994)-v.56(2009) Periodicals Bound

American journal of medicine
  v.36(1964)-v.37(1964) v.54(1973)-v.120(2007) Periodicals Microfilm

American journal of otolaryngology
  v.1(1979)- Elsevier College Edition

American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation
  v.75(1996)- OVID
  v.67(1988)-v.84(2005) Periodicals Bound

American journal of sports medicine
  v.4(1976)-v.21(1993) Periodicals Bound
  v.22(1994)-v.32(2004) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.1(1972)- Sage

American medical news
  v.43(2000)- American Medical Association

Annales de réadaptation et de médecine physique
  v.38(1995)-v.51(2008) Elsevier College Edition

Annals of internal medicine
  v.118(1993)- OVID
  v.78(1973)-v.149(2008) Periodicals Microfilm

Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism = Physiologie appliqueÌ e, nutrition et meÌ tabolisme
  v.18(1993)- National Research Council Canada

Applied research in coaching and athletics annual
  (1998)-(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.28(2013)- Periodicals Current

Archives of internal medicine
  v.106:no.1(1960:July)-v.172:no.12(2012:December) American Medical Association
  v.1:no.1(1908:Jan.)-v.86:no.3(1950:Sept.) American Medical Association
  v.131(1973)-v.168(2008) Periodicals Microfilm

Artery research
  v.1(2006)- Elsevier College Edition

Asia Pacific heart journal
  v.5(1996)- Elsevier College Edition

Asia Pacific journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery
  v.3(1994)- Elsevier College Edition

Asia-Pacific journal of health, sport and physical education
  v.1(2010)-v.3(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.1(2010)- Taylor and Francis

Brain & development
  v.1(1979)- Elsevier College Edition

Brain stimulation
  v.1(2008)- Elsevier College Edition

British journal of social medicine
  v.2(1948)-v.6(1952) JSTOR

British journal of sports medicine
  v.1(1964)- BMJ Publishing Group
  v.17(1983)-v.41(2007) Periodicals Bound

  v.1(1950)- OVID
  v.33(1966)-v.118(2008) Periodicals Microfilm

Clinical journal of sport medicine : official journal of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine
  v.10(2000)- OVID

CMAJ : Canadian Medical Association journal : journal de l'Association medicale canadienne
  v.156(1997)-v.181(2009) Canadian Medical Association
  v.134(1986)-v.179(2008) Periodicals Microfilm

Coach and athletic director
  v.65:no.1(1995)-v.78:no.5(2008) Periodicals Microfilm

CORD news
  v.1(1969)-v.6(1974) JSTOR

European journal of applied physiology and occupational physiology
  v.50(1982)-v.80(1999) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.75:no.2(1997:Jan.)-v.80:no.6(1999:Oct.) Publisher's Web Site

European journal of applied physiology
  v.81(2000)-v.88(2002/2003) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.81(2000)- Springer

European physical education review
  v.1(1995)-v.12(2006) Periodicals Bound
  v.5(1999)- Sage Premier

Exercise and sport science reviews
  v.29(2001)- OVID
  v.1(1973)-v.33(2005) Periodicals Bound

Heart / official journal of the British Cardiac Society
  v.1(1939)- BMJ Publishing Group
  v.75(1996)-v.89(2003) Periodicals Microfilm

Heart, lung & circulation
  v.9(2000)- Elsevier College Edition

  v.91(2002) Elsevier College Edition

Human movement science
  v.1(1982)- Elsevier College Edition
  v.7(1988)-v.26(2007) Periodicals Bound

International journal of sport psychology : official journal of the International Society of Sports Psychology
  v.19(1988)-v.43(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.44(2013)- Periodicals Current

International journal of sports medicine
  v.6(1985)-v.26(2005) Periodicals Bound
  v.21(2000)- Publisher's Web Site

International journal of sports physiology and performance
  v.1(2006)- Human Kinetics

International journal of the history of sport
  v.5(1988)-v.25(2008) Periodicals Bound
  v.14(1997)- Routledge

International review for the sociology of sport
  v.23(1988)-v.39(2004) Periodicals Bound
  v.34(1999)- Sage Premier

JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association
  v.1(1883)- American Medical Association

Journal for the study of sports and athletes in education
  v.1(2007)- Publisher's Web Site

Journal of applied biomechanics
  v.1(1985)- Human Kinetics
  v.9(1993)-v.24(2008) Periodicals Bound

Journal of applied physiology
  v.81:no.4(1996:Oct.)- American Physiological Society
  v.58(1985)-v.107(2009) Periodicals Microfilm

Journal of athletic training
  v.27(1992)-v.41(2006) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.43(2008)- Publisher's Web Site

Journal of physical activity & health
  v.1(2004)- Human Kinetics

Journal of physical education, recreation & dance
  v.52(1981)-v.82(2011) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.77(2006)- Publisher's Web Site

Journal of physiology, Paris
  v.86(1992)- Elsevier College Edition

Journal of science and medicine in sport
  v.1(1998)- Elsevier College Edition
  v.1(1998)-v.10(2007) Periodicals Bound

Journal of sport & exercise psychology
  v.1(1979)- Human Kinetics
  v.10(1988)-v.30(2008) Periodicals Bound

Journal of sport and social issues
  v.11(1987)-v.28(2004) Periodicals Bound
  v.1(1977)- Publisher's Web Site

Journal of sport behavior
  v.11(1988)-v.35(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.36(2013)- Periodicals Current

Journal of sport history
  v.1(1974)-v.39(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.40(2013)- Periodicals Current

Journal of sport rehabilitation
  v.1(1992)- Human Kinetics
  v.5(1996)-v.17(2008) Periodicals Bound

Journal of sports economics
  v.1(2000)- Sage Premier

Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness
  v.5(1965)-v.12(1972), v.14(1974)-v.15(1975), v.17(1977)-v.49(2009) Periodicals Bound
  v.50(2010)- Publisher's Web Site

Journal of sports sciences
  v.1(1983)-v.26(2008) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.15(1997)- Taylor & Francis

Journal of strength and conditioning research
  v.18(2004)- OVID
  v.8(1994)-v.21(2007) Periodicals Bound

Journal of the American Medical Association
  v.1:no.1(1883:July 14)-v.173:no.8(1960:June 25) American Medical Association
  v.172(1960)-v.173(1960) Periodicals Microfilm

Journal of the philosophy of sport
  v.14(1987)-v.35(2008) Periodicals Bound
  v.9(1982)- Taylor and Francis

  v.1(1823)- Elsevier College Edition
  v.1(1974)-v.378(2012) Periodicals Microfilm

Manual therapy
  v.1(1995)- Elsevier College Edition

Medicine and science in sports and exercise
  v.12(1980)- OVID

Modern athlete and coach
  v.26(1988)-v.46(2008) Periodicals Bound

Muscle & fitness
  v.49(1988)-v.54(1993) Periodicals Bound
  Current Year Only Periodicals Current
  v.55(1994)-v.63(2002) Periodicals Microfilm

National Strength & Conditioning Association journal
  v.5:no.1(1983:Feb.)-v.14:no.6(1992:Dec.) OVID
  v.11(1989)-v.14(1992) Periodicals Bound

Neurophysiologie clinique = Clinical neurophysiology
  v.18(1988)- Elsevier College Edition

  v.1(1976)- Elsevier College Edition

Neuroscience letters
  v.1(1975)- Elsevier College Edition

New England journal of medicine
  v.280(1969)-v.365(2011) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.322(1990)- Publisher's Web Site

New Zealand journal of sports medicine
  v.16(1988)-v.35(2007/2008) Periodicals Bound

New Zealand physical educator : journal of Physical Education New Zealand = Te ao kori Aotearoa
  v.40(2007)-v.45(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.46(2013)- Periodicals Current

Newsletter / the Wisconsin Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
  v.29(2000)-v.39(2010) Periodicals Bound
  (1984)-(1992); v.21(1992)-v.28(1999) Periodicals Oversize

Newsletter / Wisconsin Health and Physical Education
  v.42(2012)- Periodicals Current
  v.38(2009)- WHPE

NSCA journal
  v.15(1993) OVID
  v.15(1993) Periodicals Bound

  v.12(1996)- Elsevier College Edition

Obesity research & clinical practice
  v.1(2007)- Elsevier College Edition

Operative techniques in sports medicine
  v.1(1990)- Elsevier College Edition

Pediatric exercise science
  v.1(1989)- Human Kinetics

Physical & health education journal
  v.66(2000)-v.77(2011/2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.78(2012/2013)- Periodicals Current

Physical educator
  v.1(1940/1941)-v.32(1975), Periodicals Bound
  v.69(2012)- Periodicals Current
  v.36(1979)-v.68(2011) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.46(1989)- Publisher's Web Site

Physical therapy in sport
  v.1(2000)- Elsevier College Edition

Physiological reviews
  v.78(1998)- American Physiological Society
  v.23(1943)-v.40(1960), v.45(1965)-v.88(2008) Periodicals Bound
  v.1(1921)-v.22(1942), v.41(1961)-v.44(1964) Periodicals Microfilm

  v.74(1988)- Elsevier College Edition
  v.61(1975)-v.93(2007) Periodicals Bound

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  v.1(1915)-v.107(2010) JSTOR
  v.1(1915)- Publisher's Web Site

Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry
  v.6(1982)- Elsevier College Edition

Psychology of sport and exercise
  v.1(2000)- Elsevier College Edition

  v.32(1980)-v.60(2008) Eonly 2010 Periodicals Bound
  v.49(1997)- Taylor and Francis

Research quarterly for exercise and sport
  v.51(1980)-v.82(2011) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.76:no.3(2005:Sept.)- Publisher's Web Site

Respiration physiology
  v.1(1966)- Elsevier College Edition

Respiratory physiology & neurobiology
  v.130(2002)- Elsevier College Edition

Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in sports
  v.1(1991)-v.16(2006) Periodicals Bound
  v.7(1997)- Wiley

Scholastic coach and athletic director
  v.64(1994/1995)-v.65(1995) Periodicals Microfilm

Science & sports
  v.1(1986)- Elsevier College Edition

Seizure : the journal of the British Epilepsy Association
  v.1(1992)- Elsevier College Edition

Seminars in anesthesia
  v.14(1995)-v.16(1997) Elsevier College Edition

Seminars in anesthesia, perioperative medicine, and pain
  v.14(1995)- Elsevier College Edition

Seminars in pain medicine
  v.1:no.1(2003:Mar.)-v.3:no.1(2005:Mar.) Elsevier College Edition

Soccer journal
  v.33(1988)-v.56(2011) Periodicals Bound

Sport marketing quarterly : SMQ
  v.3(1994)-v.17(2008) Periodicals Bound
  v.1(1992)- Publisher's Web Site

Sport psychologist
  v.1(1987)- Human Kinetics
  v.10(1996)-v.22(2008) Periodicals Bound

Sports coach
  v.12(1988)-v.30(2008) Periodicals Bound

Sports health
  v.1(2009)- Sage Premier

Sports medicine
  v.25(1998)- Adis International
  v.5(1988)-v.38(2008) Periodicals Bound

  v.1(1963)- Elsevier College Edition

  v.8(1994/1995)-v.21(2007/2008) Periodicals Bound
  v.10:no.3(1996)- Publisher's Web Site

Strength and conditioning : the professional journal of the National Strength & Conditioning Association
  v.16(1994)-v.20(1998) OVID
  v.16(1994)-v.20(1998) Periodicals Bound

Strength and conditioning journal
  v.21(1999)- OVID
  v.21(1999)-v.29(2007) Periodicals Bound

Training & conditioning : T & C
  v.15:no.2(2005:Mar.)- Some issues are not available. Publisher's Web Site

  v.1(1999)- Sage Premier

USA roller sports
  v.23(2011)-v.24(2012) Periodicals Bound
  v.25(2012)- Periodicals Current

Vascular medicine : the international journal of research review and clinical practice
  v.4(1999)- Sage Premier

WIAA bulletin
  (1926:Jan.)-(1939:Apr.), (1948)-(1970) Periodicals Bound
  v.47(1971)-v.50(1974), v.52(1975)-v.55(1979), v.57(1980)-v.61(1985), v.64(1987) Periodicals Oversize
  v.4 (2005)- WIAA

WMJ : official publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin
  v.97(1998)-v.111(2012) Periodicals Bound