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Marketing: Current Titles

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Advertising & society review
  v.1(2000)- Project Muse

Advertising age
  Current Year Only Periodicals Current
  v.31:no.1(1960)-v.82:no.45(2011) Periodicals Microfilm

  v. 52 (2011-2012) Periodicals Microfilm

American marketing journal
  v.1(1934)-v.3(1936) JSTOR

Asia Pacific journal of marketing and logistics
  v.13(2001)-v.20(2008),v.22(2010) Emerald Library (MCB University Press)

B to B
  v.85:no.2(2000)-v.96:no.12(2012) Periodicals Microfiche
  v.97(2012) Periodicals Microfilm

  v.33:no.27(1992)-v.52:no.14(2011) Periodicals Microfilm

British food journal
  v.103(2001)-v.110(2008),v.112(2010) Emerald Library (MCB University Press)

Business and society review
  no.28(1978)-no.110(2005) Periodicals Microfiche
  v.99(1998)- Wiley

Business and society
  v.19(1978)-v.44(2005) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.38(1999)- Sage Premier

Electronic commerce research and applications
  v.1(2002)- Elsevier College Edition

Emerging markets review
  v.1(2000)- Elsevier College Edition

European journal of marketing
  v.35(2001)-v.42(2008),v.44(2010) Emerald Library (MCB University Press)

Industrial marketing management
  v.1(1971)- Elsevier College Edition

International journal of bank marketing
  v.19(2001)-v.26(2008),v.28(2010) Emerald Library (MCB University Press)

International journal of research in marketing
  v.1(1984)- Elsevier College Edition

International journal of wine business research
  v.22(2010) Emerald Library - MCB University Press

International marketing review
  v.18(2001)-v.25(2008),v.27(2010) Emerald Library (MCB University Press)

JMR, Journal of marketing research
  v.37(2000)- American Marketing Association
  v.1(1964)-v.44(2007) JSTOR

Journal of advertising research
  v.11(1971)-v.14(1974) Periodicals Bound
  v.15(1975)-v.25(1986), v.27(1987)-v.51(2011) Periodicals Microfiche
  v.26(1986/1987) Periodicals Microfilm

Journal of advertising
  v.1(1972)-v.36(2007) JSTOR
  v.32(2003)- M. E. Sharpe

Journal of business & industrial marketing
  v.16(2001)-v.23(2008),v.25(2010) Emerald Library (MCB University Press)

Journal of business research
  v.1(1973)- Elsevier College Edition
  v.8(1980)-v.60(2007) Periodicals Bound

Journal of business venturing
  v.1(1985)- Elsevier College Edition

Journal of consumer marketing
  v.18(2001)-v.25(2008),v.27(2010) Emerald Library (MCB University Press)

Journal of consumer research
  v.1(1974)-v.34(2007) JSTOR
  v.24(1997)- JSTOR Current Scholarship Program

Journal of fashion marketing and management
  v.14(2010) Emerald Library - MCB University Press

Journal of international marketing
  v.1(1993)-v.14(2006) JSTOR

Journal of marketing & public policy
  v.1(1982) JSTOR

Journal of marketing education
  v.21(1999)- Sage Premier

Journal of marketing
  v.64(2000)- American Marketing Association
  v.1(1936)-v.71(2007) JSTOR

Journal of product & brand management
  v.10(2001)-v.17(2008),v.19(2010) Emerald Library (MCB University Press)

Journal of public policy & marketing
  v.2(1983)-v.26(2007) JSTOR

Journal of retailing
  v.69(1993)- Elsevier College Edition
  v.79(2003)-v.83(2007) Periodicals Bound
  v.1(1925)-v.78(2002) Periodicals Microfilm

Journal of services marketing
  v.15(2001)-v.22(2008),v.24(2010) Emerald Library (MCB University Press)

Journal of vacation marketing
  v.5(1999)- Sage Premier

Marketing intelligence & planning
  v.19(2001)-v.26(2008),v.28(2010) Emerald Library (MCB University Press)

Marketing news
  Current 12 months Periodicals Current
  v.22(1988)-v.45(2011) Periodicals Microfilm

Marketing science : the marketing journal of TIMS/ORSA
  v.1(1982)-v.26(2007) JSTOR

Marketing theory
  v.1(2001)- Sage Premier

National marketing review
  v.1(1935/1936) JSTOR

Papers on non-market decision making
  v.2(1967)-v.3(1967) JSTOR

Public relations review
  v.1(1975)- Elsevier College Edition
  v.17(1991)-v.33(2007) Periodicals Bound
  v.14(1988)-v.16(1990) Periodicals Microfilm

Pump industry analyst
  v.1995(1995)- Elsevier College Edition

Qualitative market research
  v.4(2001)-v.11(2008),v.13(2010) Emerald Library (MCB University Press)

Sales & marketing management
  v.115(1975)-v.160(2008) Periodicals Microfilm