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Student Affairs Administration: Current Titles

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About campus
  v.3:no.6(1999)-v.13:no.6(2009) Periodicals Bound
  v.1(1997)- Wiley

American educational research journal
  v.1(1964)-v.46(2009) JSTOR
  v.36(1999)- Sage Premier

Career development quarterly
  v.35(1986/1987)-v.53(2004/2005) Periodicals Microfilm

College student affairs journal
  v.25(2005)- EBSCOhost Education Research Complete

College teaching
  v.33(1985)-v.53(2005) JSTOR

Community college journal of research and practice
  v.21(1997)- 12 months ago EBSCOhost Education Research Complete

Counselor education and supervision
  v.7(1967)-v.44(2004/2005) Periodicals Microfilm

Higher education abstracts
  v.31:no.2(1996)- Wiley Online Library

Journal of career development
  v.23(1996/1997)-v.32(2005/2006) Periodicals Bound
  v.23:no.3(1997)-v.31:no.4(2005) Publisher's Web Site
  v.25:no.3(1999:spring)- Sage Premier

Journal of college and university student housing
  v.33(2004)- EBSCOhost Education Research Complete

Journal of college counseling
  v.11(2008)-v.13(2010) Periodicals Bound
  v.1(1998)- Wiley

Journal of college student development
  v.29(1988)-v.45(2004) Periodicals Bound
  v.44(2003)- Project Muse

Journal of counseling and development : JCD
  v.63(1984)-v.86(2008) Periodicals Bound
  v.74:no.3(1996:Jan./Feb.)- Wiley

Journal of higher education
  v.1(1930)-v.80(2009) JSTOR
  v.73(2002)- Project Muse

Journal of multicultural counseling and development
  v.18(1990)-v.33(2005) Periodicals Microfilm

Journal of student affairs research and practice
  v. 34(1996)- Publisher's Web site

Measurement and evaluation in counseling and development
  v.18(1985/1986)-v.38(2005/2006) Periodicals Bound
  v.42(2009)- Sage Premier

NACADA journal / National Academic Advising Association
  v.20(2000)- EBSCOhost Education Research Complete

NASPA journal
  v.6(1968)-v.15(1978) Periodicals Bound
  v.16(1978/1979)-v.39(2001/2002) Periodicals Microfilm
  v.34(1997)-v.46(2009) Publisher's Web site

Recruitment and retention in higher education
  v.18(2004)-v.20(2006) EBSCOhost Education Research Complete

Research in higher education
  v.1(1973)-v.50(2009) JSTOR
  v.38(1997)- Springer

Review of higher education
  v.20(1996/1997)- Project Muse

  v.1:no.1(1975)-v.33:no.1(2007) JSTOR
  v.27:no.2(2002)- JSTOR Current Scholarship Program

Student affairs today
  v.8:no.10(2006)-12 months ago EBSCOhost Education Research Complete