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This section of the site is designed for classroom teachers, educators outside the classroom (environmental educators, museum educators, home schoolers, etc.) and parents looking for information for their children and youth.  


Professional Development

MVAC offers a variety of teacher professional development activities that are designed to assist educators as they incorporate the process of archaeology or Wisconsin's pre-European people into their classrooms.  Information about these offerings can be found on MVAC's Events, Teacher web page.


Education Newsletters Archive

To view the on-line archive of MVAC's Education Newsletter click on one of the issues shown below for a PDF version of the newsletter.  Each newsletter provided content information about a particular topic, a lesson plan and related resources.

Theme: Native American use of the Mississippi River
Fall 2004
Winter 2005

Theme: Rock Art
Fall 2003
Winter 2004
Spring 2004

Theme: Historic Archaeology
Fall 2002
Winter 2003
Summer 2003

Theme: Cultural Resource Management Process
Fall 2001
Winter 2001
Spring 2002
Summer 2002

Theme: Plant and Animal Usage
October 2000
December 2000
February 2001
April 2001

Theme: Architectural History
October 1999
December 1999
February 2000
April 2000

MVAC Archaeology Education Program's Newsletter was digitized with grant funds from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Foundation.


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.  Click here if you want to download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. 


Portions of the Educator section of MVAC's web site were prepared as part of Eisenhower Professional Development, Elementary and Secondary Education Act Title II and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Mathematics Science Partnership grants.

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