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This section of the web site allows you to explore MVAC's many events, activities and displays to find the best way for you to become involved.  The navigation buttons at the left will take you to specific types of activities.  Don't know where to start?  Then start with the Schedule of Events below for an overview of all MVAC's activities. Other pages will introduce you to specific activities.  Lectures throughout the year will introduce you to the area's archaeology.  Other events are divided by audience such as Adult/Family, Youth and Teacher.  These pages include a variety of events from an Artifact Show to Field Schools.  Are you interested in viewing some of the artifacts that have been recovered?  Then the Display page will direct you to area displays.  

Information about archaeology events sponsored by other organizations can be found by visiting MVAC's Facebook page or web sites on MVAC's Links web page.

Click here for a MVAC 2014 Activity Brochure (PDF file).

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Schedule of Events will be updated throughout the year.

Updated May 23, 2014


13 Lecture - The Rise and "Expansion" of Tiwanaku Civilization in the Bolivian Andes
  28- March 1 Lithic Materials Workshop


4 Lecture - Howard Carter and the Search for Tutankhamen


8 Artifact Show
  24 Lecture - From Under the Streets to Front-Page News


10 Lecture - India's Oldest Stone Inscriptions
  18 Lecture - Archaeology under the Streets


May Wisconsin Archaeology Month
(rain date May 10)
Volunteer Field Survey for MVAC Members


6 Hike - Restored Oak Savanna Hike


23 Temples and Tombs of the Americas - grades 4-6
24 Introduction to Archaeology - grades 5-9
25-26 Middle School Field Experience - grades 5-9


23-25 Public Archaeology Field Experience (3 days) for adults and high school students


Public Archaeology Field School (5 days) for adults and high school students
  26 Open House - MVAC Archaeology Field School


16 Lecture - Megalithic Cemeteries of the Turkana Basin


14 Lecture - Who Was Here First? Exploring the Peopling of the Americas


13 MVAC 2014 Awards & Lecture - Booting Up Humanity

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