Meet the Eagle Guides



Name: Amy

Major/Minor: Accounting

Campus & Community Involvement: Hmong Organization Promoting Education, Research Assistant, Beta Alpha Psi, Eagle Mentoring Program, Student Support Services, and Upward Bound

Advice for New Students:

  • Don't be shy to ask for help.  There are so many resources on campus that can help you.  Professors have office hours or sometimes, there are tutors available.

  • A great way to meet people is to join co-curricular activities. Don't be afraid to stay late for an organization's meeting because you'll get more information about what is happening on campus.

Favorite Spot on Campus: Cartwright Center

Favorite Food: I like any type of food and I am willing to try new things.

I Wish I Would Have Known.... Before Coming to UW-L:  How to add money to my printing account and Campus Cash to my Student ID.