Meet the Eagle Guides



Name: Ashley

Major/Minor: Exercise and Sports Science (pre-professional), Pre-Physical Therapy/ Nutrition

Campus & Community Involvement: Intramural Sports, bluff hikes, reading, spending time with family and friends





Advice for New Students:

  • Try to branch off from high school friends to meet new people.  Many people find that their college friendships last longer and mean more than high school friendships. 

  • Don't be shy.  If you see a person with similar interests as you, go up and talk to them.

  • Do not hide out in your room.  La Crosse has so many opportunities calling your name.

  • Find a balance with your social and school life, and most importantly make time for YOU!

  • Utilize all of the tutors and the Counseling and Testing Center.  Utilizing these resources has its perks!

Favorite Spot on Campus: The REC.  I love exercising and taking group exercise classes.

Favorite Food: The combination of apples and peanut butter is my favorite food by far.

I Wish I Would Have Known.... Before Coming to UW-L: I wish I had known more about the importance of getting involved on campus.  Not only does getting involved enhance one's leadership skills, but it also allows one to create lifelong friendships and experience incredible opportunities.  It also looks great on resumes!