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Materials from Freshman Registration and Family Orientation

Health, Safety and Transitions Session Presentation - Parents

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How do I send my on-campus student mail?

Directions and campus addresses of residence halls. (click here for link)

Finding a Roommate
Nervous about who your son or daughter will live with? Check out these tips for finding a roommate.
You might also find the Office of Residence Life's Roommate Finder application for Facebook to be useful.

Parent Voices
We've asked parents of current students at UW-L to give their advice about becoming a parent of a college student.
See what they have to say.

Every Parent Should Know...
Let's start with the basics.
Read the list.

Vocabulary for Parents
How to understand what UW-L students are saying!
A vocabulary list for parents, divided by subject area, that explains some common abbreviations, University terms, and slang. See Vocab for Parents.

Family Firsts
Is your son or daughter the first in your family to attend a college or university? This document from ACT can help you in this process. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open the file.