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Wentz Hall FAQs

What rooms are significantly different than the typical Wentz student rooms?

118 & 218: These rooms are fully accessible with a private bathroom. A student with specific needs would have priority over this room if they wanted. You would then be reassigned to another room within the wing over the summer.

325, & 425: These rooms were designed for hearing impaired residents. A student with specific needs would have priority over these rooms if they wanted.

225, 325, & 425: These rooms are L-shaped and have additional storage and floor space.

318 & 418: These rooms have an extra closet with shelving and some additional area.

Can I get my deposit back?
Yes, you are allowed to get your deposit back if you notify the Office of Residence Life by May 1st that you will not be living in the Residence Hall for the following academic year. Contact Carol Beckerjeck ( to cancel contract and request a refund of your deposit.
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What leadership opportunities are there in Wentz?
There is a hall council executive team for Wentz Hall. These individuals apply to represent Wentz and are voted in by the residents of Wentz. The hall council executives help put on programs in the hall, create awareness about a variety of topics, and help make Wentz a better living environment from feedback they get from the residents.

Wing representatives are elected typically at the first wing meeting.. Both hall council executive and wing representatives are exciting and great opportunities to meet people, gain leadership skills, and make a difference!

What work opportunities are there in Wentz Hall?
There is the opportunity to work at the Wentz Front Desk. Half of the desk staff is hired in the spring for the following academic year. The other half will be hired within the first week of fall semester. The Front Desk is a great place to work if you like to meet new people! More information can be found here. There are also Assistant Housekeeper positions available. The timeline for applying and selection is the same for the Front Desk. Both positions are a year-long commitment. Check your email for notifications on these fun and exciting positions.

Last Updated: 8-23-11