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Extended Housing
Why do I have to live in extended housing?
Room/hall assignments are based on the date a student’s housing application and deposit are received.

What is Extended housing?
Extended housing consists of two alternatives:

Study Lounges: The first is using the residence hall study lounges, which have been routinely used for extended housing. Study lounges are large rooms (about the size of two regular double occupancy rooms or larger (size: approximately 30’ long x 12’ wide x 8’ high). They accommodate 4 or 5 students and are located on the same floors, next to regular rooms. There is typically no reduction in price for living in a study lounge, unless more than 4 students are assigned. Each student in the study lounges will have all the furnishings as in a regular room-beds, dressers, desks, cable/internet connections, and closets. Our experience suggests that students are typically content with this accommodation. In fact when given the opportunity to move, students have typically chosen to stay in the adapted study lounge.

3-person Double Rooms: Some regular double rooms will be converted to accommodate 3 students. Each student will have a bed, desk, dresser and closet space. Students assigned to these converted 3-person double rooms will receive two free lofts and a $400 reduction in each semester’s room rate along with other amenities noted below. (Please Note: Due to larger size rooms, carpeting and air conditioning, the Eagle Hall room rate reduction is $300).

Diagram for regular double room
Diagram for regular double room

3-person double rooms will have two lofted beds. The third bed will be under one of the beds. There will also be an additional desk and dresser which will be placed under the other lofted bed. The additional bed, desk and all three dressers are moveable.

What are the approximate room measurements of a 3-person double room?
Size: 15'6 long x 11'6" wide x 8' high
Closet: 2'2" deep x 3'6" wide x 7'6" high
Desk: 2' long x 3'6" wide x 28.5" high
Dresser: 19" deep x 27" wide x 42" high
Bed Frame/Mattress: 79" long x 33" wide   Bed Legs: 8.5" high
Window: 44" high x 79" wide (includes frame)   *All windows have curtains
Refrigerator: 19" wide x 34" high x 18" deep

Will there be any kind of rebate for living in extended housing?
Students assigned to the White Hall study lounges or the Angell and Coate quest rooms will not receive any rebate as these rooms offer about the same square footage per student as a regular room as well as all of the regular double room features; students assigned to a 5 person study (Laux, Sanford, Wentz) will receive a room rebate as long as there are 5 students in that study).

Each student living in a 3-person double room or 5 person study will receive the following:
  • Room rate reduction of $400 per semester (Eagle Hall reduction is $300) (prorated for the time in this type of living situation)
  • Two lofted beds already set up for your convenience
  • Laundry - $25/semester will be allocated to your student account
  • Extra refrigerator – upon request, you will be provided an extra refrigerator after check-in (Or you can bring your own - 3.5 cu. ft. max. size - and the $25 electrical usage fee will be waived)
Note: Our past experience indicates that students in extended housing are just as successful academically as those not in extended accommodations.

Can I choose between a study lounge and a 3-person double room?
Assignments will be based on your application date. Study lounges will be filled first and then the 3 person double rooms.

Can I choose a roommate if I’m assigned to extended housing?
Yes, you can request a roommate preference that has also been assigned to extended housing. Both roommates need to make the request for this accommodation.

Can I choose the 2 people I want to live with in a 3-person room?
You can request 2 roommate preferences that have been assigned to extended housing. All roommates involved will need to make the request for this accommodation. We can then assign all three of you to a 3-person double room.

What furnishing will be included in a study lounge?
A study lounge has the same furnishings for each resident as a regular room - a bed, dresser, desk, cable/internet connection, a wardrobe and 2 refrigerators.

What furnishings will be in a 3-person double room?
A 3-person double room will have 3 beds, 3 desks, 3 dressers, 2 lofts, 2 closets, cable/internet connections and 1 refrigerator (with a second available upon request).

What about closet space in 3-person double rooms?
There will be two closets available in these rooms which will need to be shared.

Will there be storage for extra items that we cannot fit into our 3-person double room?
Students are encouraged to adapt seasonally if possible. We are using all available space to accommodate study and social areas so unfortunately extra storage cannot be accommodated.

Will there be a place I can go to study?
Every residence hall basement has study space for both individual and group use. There are also many spaces across campus where you can study such as Murphy Library, Cartwright Center and areas in the buildings where your classes are held.

What if I do not get along with my roommate(s)?
It is very important to make your best effort to get along with your roommate(s). To get your relationship off to a great start it is important to communicate with them as soon as you get your room assignment (this will be sent in mid-July). When you get settled in to your room, your RA will provide you with a Roommate Agreement form for each roommate to complete. This form can be revisited at anytime if necessary. Living with anyone new requires cooperation and compromise. As with any roommate relationship, conflicts sometimes occur. We encourage you to openly communicate when potential issues come up as most often conflicts that arise in roommate relationships are because roommates aren’t sharing their concerns with one another in a timely manner. Please check our website Roommate Tips for suggested strategies.

How will students be moved out of extended housing if spaces become available in regular double or triple rooms?
Prior to the start of the fall semester, students will be re-assigned based on their housing application date. Once the fall semester has begun, students will be consulted about possible relocation alternatives as available.

Will I be moved out of extended housing at the end of the Fall Semester?
Students will be moved to regular rooms based on space availability in their hall. We will try to keep students in the same hall as they are originally assigned so they are able to live in the same environment if desired.

Who can I contact if I have further questions or want to make a roommate request?
You can contact the Residence Life Assignment Coordinator - Carol Beckerjeck at Please include your full name and Student ID number along with your request.

Last Updated: 7/10/13