University of Wisconsin La Crosse Office of Residence Life
Moving Procedures
  Students and Chancellor Gow helping during move in
Move In/Move Out Instructions

Finalized move in dates for Fall of 2014 will be posted at a later date.
Thank you for your patience.

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Basic costs for missing or broken items upon move out are as follows:

Common Missing or Broken Items in Rooms Cost
Replace Mattress $130
Reattach Legs $20
Chair - Replace $135
Repair $40
Replace/Fix Rod $60
Dresser - Chips/Scratches/Burns $30
Garbage/Recycling Cans -Replace $15
Locks - Recore $85
Refrigerator - Microfridge  
Clean/Defrost $30
Ice Cube Tray $10
Drip Pans $10
Upper Shelf $10
Lower Shelf $10
Television - Replace Cable Cord $10

Basic cleaning costs are as follows:

Common Cleaning Costs for Rooms Cost
Trash Removal (per bag) $25
Walls - Removal of tape, putty, etc. $30
Minimal Cleaning Fee  
Cleaning of Desk $25
Cleaning of Wall (each) $25
Cleaning of Window $25
Cleaning of Door $25
Cleaning of Dresser $25
Cleaning of Floor $25
Clean Drapes $35
Clean Room Light $25

Cost if a Student Does Not Follow Check-Out Procedure Cost
Improper Checkout $25

Last Updated: 7/05/13