University of Wisconsin La Crosse Office of Residence Life
Welcome Parents!

Your student has made a great choice!

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is a wonderful place for students to learn and grow amidst fun and challenge. 

A significant part of the UWL happens on campus in one of the Residence Halls. Within these halls, students meet friends, learn skills outside the classroom, and accumulate memories Students repeatedly report that their on-campus living experience is one of the most valuable learning experiences they have as a student. We at the Office of Residence Life value the experience of our students and are committed to making sure that living in the halls is a safe and rewarding time. 

Residence Hall Staff

To make the Residence Hall experience the best it can be, each hall is led by a Masters-level professional, a Hall Director (HD), specifically trained to work with the development of college students. Assistant Hall Directors (AHDs) are graduate students assigned to work in the larger halls.  To help out the HD, there are 6 to 13 undergraduate staff members, Resident Assistant (RAs), to aid in the student transition and ongoing experiences.

Leadership Opportunities

There are many leadership opportunities offered within the Residence Halls. Each hall has a Hall Council that offers executive board positions and great leadership experience. The Residence Hall Association Council is an all-campus organization that offers chances for students to get a larger scale leadership experience. Beyond the residence halls, campus also offers a plethora of opportunities for your son or daughter to get involved. Whichever opportunities students choose, there are great mentors and teachers to help them learn valuable leadership skills to compliment their academic experience here at UWL.

As you can see, living on campus at UWL is clearly a good choice for students. We sincerely hope that each student gets the most out of his or her experience in the Residence Halls and at UWL. Our staff is committed to doing what we can to make that experience happen. If there is anything we can do feel free to call the Office of Residence Life at 608-785-8075 and we will direct you to the answers and guidance you are looking for.

Thank you for choosing Residence Life at UWL!

Last Updated: 8-30-11