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University of Wisconsin La Crosse Office of Residence Life
Residence Life Program & Positions

The Residence Life Program at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse offers 3,180 students (about 1,750 first-year students) the opportunity to live, learn, and grow together. Besides providing a pleasant environment, the residence halls provide opportunities to enhance learning outside the classroom. The Residence Life Program is coordinated through the Office of Residence Life, located in 1000 Eagle Hall.

Each of the eleven residence halls provide quality living environments and are equipped with laundry facilities, study rooms, kitchens, vending machines, and computer labs. Each student room has all the basics, plus a refrigerator and cable TV hookup. Roommates are encouraged to personalize the room -- their “home” for nine months! The facilities create a positive living atmosphere, and the residence hall staff is the key to promoting the community spirit within the halls.

The Residence Life staff consists of the Director and five Assistant Directors, Residence Hall Directors, Assistant Residence Hall Directors, Office Graduate Assistants, Leadership Development Assistants, Academic Resource Coordinators, Resident Assistants, and Desk Coordinators. The entire staff is readily available to assist students with their personal and educational development. Each residence hall is coordinated by the Hall Director, a full-time professional with a master’s degree in College Student Development or Counseling and Guidance, or related field, dedicated to helping students gain the maximum benefits from their college experience. The three larger halls each have an Assistant Residence Hall Director to help maintain quality services and development.

Sanford & Coate Staffs
A Resident Assistant facilitates the growth of community in each living unit (approximately 30 students.) The RA is a full-time student trained to help students with personal and academic concerns, and serves as an informal resource person about the campus. The Desk Manager coordinates the front desk operation in each hall. The desk is staffed by students and provides change and stamps, as well as equipment for resident check-out such as small kitchen appliances, tools, VCRs, and games.

Each residence hall has a Hall Government that provides students with leadership opportunities, as well as creating avenues for residents to have a voice in how their hall is run. Hall Government is responsible for many hall events, social activities, recycling, alcohol education, and community service projects. Hall Government also helps promote special campus events such as New Student Orientation, Homecoming, Kraze Days, Holiday Formal, and Family Weekend.

Last Updated: 11-29-11