Major (ret) Byron Dunn

MAJ Dunn began his military affiliation at University of Wisconsin at La Crosse by enrolling in ROTC.  With his BS degree in Computer Science Army Commission as a 1LT he began his military career with the Army Reserves as a Finance officer.



 Two significant events highlight the over 20 year career of MAJ Dunn:


As a newly assigned CPT with the 75th Maneuver Area Command, CPT Dunn was provided the opportunity to use his education and civilian skills in computers.  The command was in the process of developing an ad-hoc Active Duty Orders and Budget tracking system.  After being placed over the effort, CPT Dunn halted development, had programmers update all existing programs to use index files instead of sequential files, self document all programs, create user and systems documentation, and create detailed technical documents for software enhancements being planned.


The Department of the Army began a review process, looking at Order and Budget processes being used throughout the Reserves and National Guard units in order to create a standard application. (There were 7 or 8 processes they had heard of as being good) This was at a time when Word Processors were big and PCs were just being introduced to the work place.     


Due to the efficiencies’ and documentation of our application it was chosen as the prototype to be used to create the DOLFINS (Daily Order Ledger Financial System) that is used today to publish Orders for reservist and track reserve personnel budgeted fund expenditures’.


Later in his career MAJ Dunn became the Chief of Internal Review (Audit) after the 122nd Army Reserve Command in North Little Rock, AR and the 90th Army Reserve Command in Oklahoma City, Ok were merged to create the 90th Regional Support Command based in North Little Rock, AR.


Over the next 4 years the Internal Audit office was Army Small Audit Office of the year 4 times, produced 4 Army auditors of the year (3 Reserve and 1 Full Time Civilian) and set the standard used by Army Reserve Command for training Management Control Program classes and Internal Audit.


As a result of our excellence and innovative possesses for auditing, our office was requested to provide a member of our staff to help update the “Yellow Book”, Government Auditing Standards (GAO-07-731G) which had not been updated for over 60 years.  Our office  provided assistance with updating the internal auditing requirements.




HQ 5091st US Army Reception Station, Milwaukee, WI

Executive Officer, Reception Processing Company B

Disbursing Officer

Commander, Reception Processing Company A

Processing Operations Officer


75th USARMY Maneuver Area Command, Houston, TX



HHC 84th Division (TNG), Milwaukee, WI

Manpower Management Officer

Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff - Resource Management

Force Development Officer


HQ 122nd Army Reserve Command, N. Little Rock, AR

Reserve Personnel Army Budget Officer


HQ 90th Regional Support Command, N Little Rock, AR


Chief of Internal Review (Acting)



                                                                                - MILITARY AWARDS -

                                                                            Army Commendation Medal (2)

Army Component Achievement Medal (4)

National Defense Service Medal

Armed Forces Reserve Medal

Army Service RBN