1LT Jeremiah Littmann

Name: Jeremiah Littman
First lieutenant
Current Duty Station:
Wisconsin Army National Guard
Life has been fast and furious. Shortly after commissioning I went down to BOLC and IOBC. Graduated and came back to a NG status with Charlie Company 1-128th IN out of Arcadia, WI and subsequently began working back full time at Fastenal. In October of 2008 I completed Pathfinder School down at Fort Benning. Throughout 2008 we had several AT's in preparation for Iraq in early 2009. I was in two separate locations with my Platoon during my stay there. We started in a remote location and ended in Baghdad working the Iraqi Supreme Court. Returning from Iraq I spent a year as an XO and have been preparing to take Command next month. I'll take over as the CO for Bravo Company 1-128th IN out of New Richmond and Rice Lake WI.