2LT Theresa Schreiber

Name: Theresa Schreiber
Second Lieutenant
Adjutant General Corps
Current Duty Station:
Wisconsin Army National Guard
I graduated from UWL in May of 2009. As for my own news now I should be graduating with my Masters degree in Public Administration either this coming August or December. I've been attending University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and living in the Milwaukee area. I currently have an internship with the Village of Richfield working for the village administrator. I've been given a lot of responsibility there and am learning a lot about how local government operates.

As far as my Army career I am a 1LT and am serving as BN S1 for 3/334/4th BDE, 95th DIV(IET). I finished AG BOLC last fall at Fort Jackson. My unit is a drill sergeants unit and a relatively small one but we are constantly undergoing personnel changes which keeps us all on our toes.

A lesson I would pass on to those coming up through the ranks is to be proactive about your career and carefully track your personal and medical information. Keeping all your information up to date ensures when it comes time for a promotion or deployment your superiors have the most accurate picture of you and can set you up for success. No one should depend on others to manage their Army career, least of all officers!