Military Science Courses*

Basic Course (100/200 level)

MS 101 Introduction to the Army Profession (1 Credit)
Make your first new peer group at college one committed to self improvement and enjoying themselves. Learn the fundamentals of leadership and how it impacts management styles Gain an understanding of the structure and purpose of the U.S. Army, with an introduction to some of the customs and traditions of the military services. Enrollment enables voluntary participation in several fun events (rappelling, marksmanship training, color guard, etc). Enrollment incurs NO military commitment. One hour.

MS 102 Basic Military Leadership (1 Credit)
Learn and apply principles of effective leadership. Course builds on MS 101 material and introduces the use of topographic maps, fitness doctrine, effective writing, and operational planning.  Enrollment incurs NO military commitment. One hour.

MS 201 Individual Leadership Studies (2 Credits)
This course will teach you how to navigate with only a map and compass, and continue to develop your leadership skills. Leadership doctrine, marksmanship, briefing techniques, and an introduction to the proper wear of military uniforms are also covered. Leadership lab will provide practical experience in classroom material, as well as develop individual self confidence. Participation in a fun, one day exercise at Fort McCoy is encouraged but not required. NO military commitment. Two hour class, two hour lab.

MS 202 Leadership & Teamwork (2 Credits)
This class will teach you the fundamentals of tactics in small unit operations. It includes experience in the use of military radios, safety procedures, movement techniques, and security planning. In the Leadership Lab you will continue developing your leadership skills through practical exercises with upper division ROTC students, and learning how to teach others. Participation in a weekend military exercise is encouraged, but not required. NO military commitment. Two hour class, two hour lab.

*To see requirements for a Military Science Minor check out the course catalog:

Advanced Course (300/400 level)

MS 301 Leadership & Problem Solving (3 Credits)
This class is open only to contracted cadets, and is focused on developing individual leadership skills and confidence. Explore behavioral science theories, motivation, individual response, and study leadership techniques associated with various challenges. Two hours. To be taken in conjunction with Military Science lab. Two hours. This lab gives you direct experience leading other cadets, and significantly improves your poise and confidence in group settings. Includes a one day exercise at Fort McCoy. 

MS 302 Leadership & Ethical Decision Making (2 Credits)
Open only to contracted cadets. This class builds on leadership skills and incorporates ethical decision making, task organization, complex planning and organizational structure of army combat units. Communications systems and logistics to support operations are included in developing written operational plans. Two hours. To be taken in conjunction with Military Science lab. Two hours.  This lab continues leadership development in a more demanding environment with complicated tasks. Focus is on small unit operations and tactical skills. Includes a weekend exercise at Fort McCoy.

MS 401 Leadership and Management (3 Credits)

This course transitions the focus of student learning from being trained, mentored, and evaluated to learning how to train, mentor, and evaluate underclass students. Students learn the duties and responsibilities of an Army staff officer. Students will also learn about the special trust; proposed by the U. S. constitution to Army officers. Further, students will learn Army values and ethics and how to apply them to everyday life as well as in the contemporary operating environment. Finally, students will learn about the officers’ role in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, counseling subordinates, administrative actions and methods on how to best manage their career as army officers. Lect. 2, Lab 2 Prerequisite: MS 302. Offered Fall.

MS 402 Officership (3 Credits)
This course explores the dynamics of leading in the complex situations of current military operations in the contemporary operating environment. Students examine differences in customs and courtesies, military law, principles of war, and rules of engagement in the face of international terrorism. They also explore aspects of interacting with non-government organizations, civilians on the battlefield, and host nation support. Offered Spring.

MS 403 American Military History (3 Credits)
This course is a survey of the military history of America.  Broadly defined, it covers the interactions between society, military institutions, technology, and military doctrine from the colonial era to the recent past.  Emphasis is placed on the transformative effects that technology has had on the military and the American way of war.  In addition, this course addresses the impact that US Presidents have had on the military. Offered Spring.

**Each University will offer a different History course through the school in place of the MS 403 class.

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  • HIS 311: Peace & War
  • HIS 316: The Vietnam War
  • HIS 323: World War II
  • HIS 324: Civil War & Reconstruction
  • HIS 325: America in the Cold War
Viterbo University
  • HIS 308: The Vietnam War
Winona State University
  • HIS 440: World War II
  • HIS 447: America in the Vietnam War
  • HIS 479: Civil War & Reconstruction