Sociology Faculty Strengths and Interest Areas

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Nick Bakken
Criminal Justice, Criminology, Corrections, Sociopharmacology, and Research Methods.
437A CWH, 785-8665



Enilda Delgado
Demography, Social Stratification, Work and Family, and Race and Ethnic Relations (Latinas/Latinos).
436 CWH, 785-6776


Timothy B. Gongaware
Social Movements, Collective Behavior, Social Psychology (Self, Interaction), Education, Political Economy and Popular Culture.
437H CWH, 785-6772

Carol Miller
Urban/Rural Studies, Globalization, Gender, Marriage and Family, Environment, and World Systems/Development.
437D CWH, 785-6777

Tim Thornton
Deviance, Medical Sociology, Criminology, Suicide, Mental Illness, Health Care & Illness, and Drug Treatment Programs.

Kim Vogt
Criminology, Criminal Justice, Delinquency, Deviance, Homicide, Hate Crime, and Risk Behaviors.
435A CWH 785-8458

Bill Zollweg
Drugs and Addiction, Social Psychology (Small Groups, Self), Criminal Justice, Sports, Marriage and Family, and Education.
437I CWH 785-8465