A Day in the Water Life

Day in the Water Life image

(5 min) Canada

Director/Producer: Christopher McEnroe


We use a lot of water everyday, more than we likely realize. “Virtual water” is the term for how much water it takes to grow or make the food we eat and products we use all the time. With engaging motion graphics and some astounding yet fun facts, the film follows an average guy through an average day to show how much water, both virtual and direct, we use everyday. The graphics, the music, and the facts light and simple so that people are engaged and interested, and do not feel burdened or guilty. It is another tool to help us make good choices in our daily lives.


Christopher McEnroe has edited award-winning television shows for Disney, Discovery, and National Geographic, and directed commercial work for Miller Genuine Draft, Honda Civic, and Molson Canadian. Working under the guidance of industry giants on major productions such as X-Men, Chicago, and Resident Evil, he has developed a deep understanding of cinematographic techniques and their application. His work is driven by a love of the process, and a fascination with the ability of sound and picture to create meaning and drive emotion. He is passionate about creating works that move people. His affinity for digital technology has propelled him into the emerging world of multi-platform media ventures: the nexus where the cutting edge of both art and science work together to create powerful and persuasive new meanings in media.