Dreaming Nicaragua

Dreaming Nicaragua image

(60 min) Nicaragua/Spain/USA

Director: Marcelo Bukin
Producer: Marcelo Bukin, Amy Lo


Dreaming Nicaragua is a sensitive portrayal of four children living in extreme poverty in Nicaragua. The film takes us beyond their hardships and gives voice to the children, who are surprisingly funny, hopeful and optimistic. A traveling art teacher provides a safe arena for our four unlikely protagonists to express their innermost thoughts. When painting, the children momentarily escape the stresses of their reality into a world of dreams and ideas, a stark contrast to their lives outside: a vicious cycle of hunger, child labor and violence. Despite the extreme circumstances, the children and their families face their realities with an inspiring unity and strength.


Marcelo Bukin was born in Buenos Aires and graduated with honors in film direction from the Centre d’Estudis Cinematografics de Catalunya in Spain. Marcelo has filmed, traveled and submerged himself into multiple diverse adventures across the world. He was the production manager of The Children of Nepal, winner of the 2004 Spanish Academy Award (Goya Award) for Best Documentary Short. After Nepal, Marcelo traveled to Peru and Guatemala for the direction of his documentary films Angel’s Fire, Lima’s Streets, Mauris from Titicaca,Welcome to Poptun and Bread, which have screened worldwide in more than 100 international film festivals receiving numerous awards, including the Distinguished Short Documentary Award 2006 by International Documentary Association for Angel’s Fire. Most recently, Dreaming Nicaragua has won the Grand Prize D’Or at FIPA 2011 in Biarritz, France under the category of Creative Documentaries. Bukin is based in New York City where he directs, shoots and produces films and commercials.