In Short Supply: Small Farmers and the Struggle to Deliver Healthy Food to Your Plate

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(13 min) USA

Director/Producer: Laura Elizabeth Pohl and Brad Horn


The American food system does not make it easy for small farmers to get their healthy produce to your home, but meet two farmers who are trying: Ricky Horton and Sherilyn Shepard. They're siblings who grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables in southwestern Virginia. Their livelihood is filled with uncertainties ranging from unpredictable weather to changing immigration laws. Here's their story.


Laura Elizabeth Pohl is a photographer and video producer working as the multimedia manager at Bread for the World in Washington, D.C., where she oversee the organization's multimediedia storytelling on hunger and poverty issues. Her stories include videos and photography essays on nutrition in Bangladesh, microfinance in Haiti, HIV/AIDS in Uganda and immigration in Mexico and the United States. Her interest in visual storytelling led her to co-found a humanitarian photography group whose NGO and nonprofit members discusses the ethics and use of photographs. She is the founder and editor of