The Ideas Box!  How Can We . . .

At our Celebrate the Major Extravaganza on Oct. 28th, we asked for your ideas for celebrating women and solving problems in exchange for a cool button!  Here's what you told us:

Honor Women

  • Choose a color and wear it on a day (I like the Feminist shirt, but that cost $).  Pick like black and wear on a day.
  • Allow women to get the same status as men like president of a company or something along those lines
  • I think a day of the year being dedicated for awareness and only women celebrating our accomplishments
  • Take days to celebrate strong female role-models throughout history and recognize how these historical figures have shaped and helped shape society today

Promote Sexual Health and Reproductive Choice

  • The most important method to help this is to revamp the way sex education is taught in schools.  There is such a lack of knowledge, there is no wonder why this is a problem.  Knowledge is power.
  • EDUCATE!!!
  • Teach accurate information about sexual health.
  • Encourage the development of free advice.  Organizations for women interested in learning about their options.
  • Educate women about the options available to them.  I have many friends that don't get yearly exams, birth control, etc. because they can't afford it.  If they know their resources (i.e. Options Clinic [local!]), they'll be more likely to make better decisions and be more educated.
  • Challenge the idea of monogamy.  What do women benefit from by limiting their sexual experiences because of social constructs and stigmas?
  • I believe to promote sexual health and reproductive choice, we must educate!  Education about sexual health and lead a healthy sexual life must be learned by both men and females!  In school, at home, etc!
  • Make it a requirement to take a women's health class

End Poverty by Educating Girls

  • By educating a mother you can educate her children too.
  • Create incentives for more students to become teachers
  • /the more programs we have for girls and women at younger ages.  Allow them to learn with many their age.
  • Fundraise a scholarship to put a girl through college

Protest Homophobia

  • Let people know that "that's so gay" offends me
  • Think the next time before you use the word "gay" as a synonym for "stupid"
  • Take part in the city's National Coming Out Day March
  • Choose not to identify sexually and just love
  • educate our children and expose them positively to all kinds of love.
  • Tell people that everyone knows someone gay.  Posters?
  • Have a gay pride parade in La Crosse or Equality day event.
  • Have people who are homophobic get to see things from the other point of view.  Imagine if they were treated how the other have been treated.

End Men's Violence Against Women

  • Educate men about women's issues so they can see that women's issues deal with men in a huge impact
  • Teach boys/men to care about their daughters, sisters, mothers and friends.  And take an interest in what issues affect them
  • Recognize that our culture and media create an environment tat encourages misogyny and work to eliminate these images and examples
  • Educate boys to respect women rather than objectify and demean them.  Be good role models to the younger generations, stand up for women.
  • Educate women and men at young ages -- teach children what is a healthy relationship so men realize it's unacceptable to beat/control women and girls realize they don't have to put up with it
  • Change pop culture.  Male pop figures need to take an initiative to change our society's views on what is okay.  This means changing music, movies, and videogames
  • GET CONSENT!  It's what a real man does!
  • Have rappers start respecting women in videos
  • Make the laws more strict and the punishments harder
  • Stop it!
  • Promote healthy values at a young age.  Cahnge societal views.  Harsher punishments.

Inspire Men to Escape the Masculinity Box

  • Have open and honest conversations!
  • Sell "This is what a feminist looks like" t-shirts at football games
  • Cross-list more classes between women's studies and other fields in order to encourage more men to take such classes
  • Encourage them to hug other men
  • Become confident in being a man.  Show that there is nothing wrong with sharing feelings with one another.
  • Whenever you "men" think of women . . . Have your mothers pop first to your mind and then think how do you like hour father to treat her!
  • Hold workshops and have men promote them.  For example R.A.s, if men see other men of "authority" getting involved with these things, they'd be more likely to join.
  • Offer classes about sexuality that are required ealry on instead of making "women's studies"
  • Organize a focus group for men to talk about masculinity and how the construction of masculinity impacts their personal lives -- get the conversation started!!!  Matt Vogel would be a great facilitator!

Promote Knowledge of Women around the World

  • Make it an educational requirement through educational journey.  Start young in elementary school!
  • In school don't just teach in history about men in the world, rather teach about women too.
  • Figure out if a hestriectam is going to still be called that and change it to uterus
  • By asking our school boards to add more about women in history in our classrooms
  • Offer more multicultural classes
  • By having more women Studies classes in all the universities around the states

Promote Diverse Images of Girls and Women in the Media

  • Truth posters about women's bodies in the media
  • Have a campaign similar to the one Dove does.  Portray positive images and diverse body types
  • Asking to see more variety in the media, ie _____, movies and ways young girls look at themselves
  • Pick women that are more average looking.  All shapes.  And don't photoshop them.
  • Have students deconstruct magazine ads (in regards to issues of sexism, heterosexism, racism, etc) and post them in bathroom stalls on campus!  This may help raise awareness on the need for change in the media!
  • Goddesses come in all shapes and sizes
  • get girls of all shapes and sizes to pose and call it "the REAL student body"
  • Not glamorize skinny models/actresses.  Have "healthy" role models.

End Racism

  • Educate people about racism in history and all the terrible wrongs that have been done against minorities
  • Racism is EVERYBODY'S problem!
  • Make all aware of the misrepresentation media portrays of minorities
  • Become more involved and know the diversity around us.

Bring the Voice of Women of Color to the Table

  • Turn off the television!!