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Internship Options

Why do an internship?
An internship can give you valuable experience before you graduate as well as help you decide on a career. You can receive up to six credits for completing an internship. Some students even complete two or three internships before graduating. In order to receive credit for an internship, you must first register with UW-L's Career Services. Career Services posts internships available for credit or you can find your own internship through networking. Once you've obtained an internship, you need to find a faculty supervisor and go through the department's internship approval process.

How do I find an Internship?
General information on sociology internships.

There are a variety of work and internship possibilities available in archaeology.  The Department of Sociology & Archaeology as well as the Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center (MVAC) offer a number of volunteer and employment opportunities.  MVAC has seasonal positions available in fieldwork and laboratory processing of artifacts.  Students typically start as volunteers and with experience may be eligible for paid positions.  Contact Connie Arzigian at the Archaeology Laboratory for more information, (608)785-8452.

Additionally, credit can be obtained for internships and independent foreign research. In the past, students have studied and/or conducted research in Belize, Malta, France, England, Scotland, Israel, China, Egypt, Bolivia and other countries. Students are encouraged to seek international opportunities through their professors, the internet, or the Office of International Education at UW-L in 116 Graff Main Hall.   

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Which Line Of Work Is For You?

Do a self-assessment to map out your personality style and top ten career options you might consider based on your career motivations. 

Look through the resources listed in this web site, and use all the resources available to you at Career Services. The Career Services Center is the best resource for assistance with career planning, assessments, internships, job market information, job search services, and alumni services. Career Services offers individual counseling as well as a wide variety of workshops.

We also invite you to talk with your department advisor or any faculty member you wish concerning employment opportunities, graduate schools, etc.  

For specific information on career opportunities in sociology, check out the sociology program homepage and career page.

For more information on career opportunities in archaeology, check out the archaeology program career page.

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Job Search Strategies

Use the resources available to you through UW-La Crosse's Career Services Center.

As early as your junior year, attend job search workshops.  Learn how to research companies, promote your skills and experience, and identify the hidden job market. The Career Services Center offers several workshops each semester to help students with every topic you can think of:

  • Job Search Strategies
  • Resume writing
  • Cover letter writing
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Developing an internship
  • Getting into graduate school

Attend career fairs and other events. Several career fairs and other events are offered throughout the year to help students and alumni research employers and job opportunities.  Check the Career Services web page for more details. 

During your junior or senior year, register with the Career Services to take full advantage of internship searches, job search services, including on-campus interviews and career fairs.

Also participate in on-campus recruiting. Business, industry and government organizations generally recruit during fall and spring semesters.

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Here are several other Job Search Strategies

  • Contact agencies, companies or organizations you would like to work for and see if they're hiring
  • Check with the state employment opportunity office
  • Talk with parents and others about job possibilities in their companies
  • Check local newspaper classified ads--especially on Sunday
  • Consider volunteer or internship positions (these sometimes lead to paid positions)
  • Call employment/temporary placement agencies
  • Check the Internet for job posting web sites--see Career Services.

Salary Comparison Sites

Check out these salary comparison sites (Ref. U.S. News & World Report, 11/6/00, p64)

  • The broadest salary-comparison site.  Its Salary Wizard allows you to pick a job category and a region and to quickly find median salaries by position.  There's also news on compensation and benefit trends.
  • A free comprehensive salary site offering salary, benefits and cost-of-living information. Find salaries quickly by selecting Job Title and Zip.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics  Overview of the Bureau of Labor Statistics information on pay and benefitsl.
  • NationJob  This data-base for job seekers allows you to search by salary level. 

Considering Graduate School?

Additional information on preparing for graduate school in archaeology.

Students considering graduate work in sociology or a related social science field are strongly encouraged to consider applying to the sociology honors program and discussing preparation for graduate school with their faculty advisors.

Additionally, many graduate program require applicants to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE)

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