The Department of Sociology recently revised and greatly modified its Honors Program. This program is not to be confused with University Honors which is a separate entity -- you can receive Honors Credit in sociology only by taking the program in our department.

We strongly urge you to consider participating in the Sociology Honors Program. Its successful completion is listed as a permanent part of your official transcript and it is a fine and important addition to your Vitae when you seek a graduate school or a job.

Sociology Honors Program Coordinator: Dr. Tim Gongaware, 785-6772


    Junior Standing
    Twelve [12] Credits completed in the Sociology Major
    A 3.50 cumulative grade point in the Sociology Major
    A 3.25 cumulative grade point average overall
    Recommendation of two faculty members in the Sociology discipline submitted to the Chair


    Completion of the regular major program
    Completion of Sociology 410: "Sociology Honors Project"

    While the details of each individual project are worked out with your Honors Project Advisor, the first step typically involves completing a proposal for a UW-L Undergraduate Research Grant. While acceptance/funding of the proposal are not necessarily required, the honors student will be evaluated on the quality of the proposal. Guidelines and deadlines for the proposals can be found at:

    Some examples of previous proposals are below:

    Please start this process and work out a reasonable timeline with your advisor as soon as possible.


    A grade point average of 3.50 in the Sociology Major at graduation
    A grade of "B" or above in Sociology 410
    Presentation of the paper from Sociology 410 to a colloquium of faculty and students in the major